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Last Updated: May 6, 2015
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Hi world! Top

This is in progress I'll just post it to show you the build in order :)

Why the AC? Top

VOX has the highest attack speed in the game-144%. This alone is pretty good.Also, this does crazy damage. Let's pretend that you have a shatterglass. You do 166%cp damage every other attack! That means crazy damage with the shatterglasses.

Why the Eve? Top

Eve gives lifesteal, energy, and cp. What's not to love?

Please keep in mind Top

Boots can be purchased whenever necessary.

How does this work? Top

Your auto attacks will make shot work of them. Simply move and attack as your attack speed is very high. You may need to run, and in that case use your skills to escape, while auto-attacking whenever possible. Remember, every other attack does 166% of your crystal power as bonus damage. You essentially are a wp hero. Also, remember that your ult silences. This can be used when krul is about to use his 2nd skill to silence and kill him. All in all, you want to stay behind the tanks and auto attack their butts off.

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