Burst/Support/Kill-Stealing Glaive (Mainly for Blitz) by UnknownVlI

Burst/Support/Kill-Stealing Glaive (Mainly for Blitz)

By: UnknownVlI
Last Updated: Feb 19, 2017
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Burst Glaive Potential (FOR BLITZ) Top

Glaive is one of the most tanky heroes in the game, allowing him to only require minimal health increase to be a lasting impact in the game. This trait is especially useful when this build is used in Blitz mode as it skips burst Glaive s weak early game.

Skills and Usage (FOR BLITZ) Top

(A) allows him to dash and knock back anything (except for kraken and turrets). This is the most important skill and allows for incredible utility and devastating initiations, great kill stealer.

(B) allows him to deal extra dmg if cp and have more critical%. Useful in this build for stealing kills and looking impressive. Critical bonus is useless if playing Blitz with this build.

(C) allows him to deal area dmg in a short range if he reaches 20 stacks of his heroic perk which is gained by hitting things. Great for stealing kills or beginning teamfights.

Usage of (A) Afterburn (FOR BLITZ) Top

Enter teamfight late (or when all allies are dead) and snag an impressive triple kill. Or you could be a team player and smack enemy carry all around the place.

IMPORTANT: Don't launch the enemy carry, jungler or trolling roam/captain into your dying teammate. (?) ping spam.

Sugoi Retreat (FOR BLITZ) Top

Glaive s (A) comes back once every 5 seconds if you grabbed a bunch of cooldown. This allows for crazy parkour potential. Sneaky lance players are escape artist if they use this build as a glaive in blitz.

Y Fountain? (FOR BLITZ and other gamemodes) Top

- Lets you choose Glaive at the hero selection by saying that you're going to be roam/captain
- Sheild/Armor/Health
- Fountain passive and activate
- Be the last cat standing

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