Catherine CP Defender 1 - KingsFury by KingsFury

Catherine CP Defender 1 - KingsFury

By: KingsFury
Last Updated: Sep 20, 2015
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The Role Top

Catherine is the main hero I've been using since I started playing a few days ago. I think her stats and abilities make for a good all-around roamer, which is the style I prefer so far. She's also free at the moment, and will only cost 600 glory when time comes to have to buy her.

I've been playing around with different builds for her, but always tend to go the ability/defense route. So far, when able to collect enough early dough, the core setup here has been doing rather well in roaming, defending and protecting scenarios.

The Route Top

At first spawn, I usually grab an ironguard contract and mine, then head down to the jungle shop area, dropping the mine in the grass east of the gold miner. I'll then take out the minions south of that, then head back to my side of the jungle taking out all the minions I can. In a perfect world, a jungler would be down here helping, taking all the last hits.

Once I make my way back to the top, I'll usually give the laner a hand, if needed. If I do end up here, it's usually not for long, then I head back to the jungle to try and take out more minions for as long as possible. The core setup here takes a lot of gold, so getting as much as possible as early as possible is important. It pays off at the end of longer matches, however.

Again, everything so far is in a perfect world, and adjustments need to be made more often than not, depending on what both sides are doing at any given time.

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