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Catherine Crystallized?!

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Last Updated: Aug 18, 2014
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Note: This guide was originally created by player IRaku in the official Vainglory forums. IRaku is the author; I am just helping make it available on VaingloryFire.

While playing I have observed that most of the Catherine users tend to use the "Weapon" build.
But in my case, whenever i play Catherine i always stick to the Crystal items. Why? I don't even know myself.

But here's the Build [CRYSTAL]
1st off, at the start of the game it's up to you whether you'll go for CRYSTAL BIT for early crystal increased damage or IRONGUARD CONTRACT if you intend to go farming and earn money faster.

1st:( Crystal bit -> AfterShock - This should be the core item for her ( I think ) Since The STUN (Merciless Pursuit) and slice damage with +50% lifesteal is simultaneously applied plus the cooldown acceleration helps to use her stun more often )

2nd Ironguard Contract -> Warhorn - This would be alot of help For farming money ( Passive: Stormguard Banner (100 damage per second)., Cooldown acceleration (+30% cooldown acceleration) and also for the team support (Activate: Grant +2.75 move speed to all nearby teammates. Lasts 1.0s for each hero affected.)

3rd Journey Boots - for additional movespeed. For Chasing and escape )

4th: (Metal Jacket - for "Armor Supreme" to parry with Weapon Build) or (Aegis for a "Shield Pump" to counter/Block Crystal build.)

5th: ( Eve of Harvest - Crystal lifesteal addition to Aftershock's would be a mega-life regeneration. and also for its Energy recharge and additional crystal power )

6th: ( Shatterglass - for total crystal infusion to add damage to your skills
(ClockWork - having +50% cooldown acceleration and cooldown accleration from AfterShock and Warhorn. Using skills has never been this MANY unlike before) [SKILLS UNLIMITED}

* I also tested this on the Kraken, ANNNDD it works. You can take it down alone. since activating skills gives sooooo much health regeneration.

Hope This Helps!

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