CP Gwen (How and Why to Use This) by Crazedjellyfish

CP Gwen (How and Why to Use This)

By: Crazedjellyfish
Last Updated: Oct 20, 2017
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Build: CP Gwen Primary Build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Koshka Koshka isn't much of a problem. You can take her out without a lot of trouble. Just remember to use your B to dodge her ult and kite her.
Petal A tricky hero to fight against. Once again, just play smart and try to neutralize petal with your CC.
Baptiste Skedaddle counters everything of his, but ouch, his burst can still hurt. Try not to fight this hero alone.
Lyra You can deal with Lyra fairly easily, but be wary of her perk. Skedaddle isn't up soon enough for you to block every slow. Instead, focus on blocking the slows which would chain into devastating attacks from Lyra's allies. Blocking Lyra's ult into Bright Bulwark is usually very helpful for escaping an almost certain death.
Blackfeather This hero can be pretty annoying (and even devastating) when in lane against you. Play smart and use your mobility to avoid his On Point.
Catherine Probably stay away from this one. She can body-block your ult and send massive damage flying back towards you and your team. Just focus the others and come back for her when the other two have retreated or died.
Grace See Catherine.
Ringo According to my test results, Ringo almost always defeats Gwen in 1 on 1 duels. However, when you land your stun, you can usually finish him off by yourself, but you will take a significant amount of damage usually. If Ringo activates his ult on you, use your B to block the burn effect. Also, avoid his Achilles Shot by using your B, but only if it would combo into something fatal.
Flicker Durable and has a lot of CC. Fortunately, you can detect him with your A.
  No Threat
Taka Taka eats carries for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any other meal you can think of. He can dodge everything you have and assassinate you before your team can even respond. Try and land your ult while he's unaware or stunned by an ally. After that, work with your team to target and eliminate him. If Taka uses Kaku, just blast the area with Buckshot and neutralize the threat of invisibility.
Krul Beware the deceiving Krul. he can absorb damage, heal himself, and probably maul you if you aren't careful. Luckily, you have speed on your side. try and use your B to stop his ult if you see it coming, or use it to escape if he's slowing you with his perk. Generally, try not to get too close (but that's just an important rule for carries anyway).
  No Threat


Introduction Top

Many people seem to ignore the strength of CP Gwen. If you aren't too fond of the idea or the build, let me explain some facts which I have come across while repeatedly testing this build:

Buckshot Bonanza is on a 3 second cooldown at a very low Energy cost with both builds.

Skedaddle is on an 11 second cooldown with Stormcrown, and a 10 second cooldown with Clockwork.

Gwen deals very high damage without much CP, which is why this build also works with Taka.

You are extremely mobile and have devastating CC, which can be activated consistently throughout the fight.

General Strategy Top

Usually, you want to pester the enemy, and never commit to a full engage. If the enemy starts running away, calmly follow, using your B to catch up, Buckshot to slow them, and throw in a few basic attacks in between to get the maximum benefit from Aftershock. However, do not use your B too often, because if they're leading you into a trap, and someone like Krul stuns you, it's probably going to be bad news. When running away, try and just use standard kiting tactics. Sometimes, by aggressively retreating, I've managed to force the enemy back, follow them, secure the kill quickly, then retreat safely.

Early Game Top

Like Taka, you're usually stronger mid to late game, so play it safe early game, sticking to the top of the lane, poking the enemy, and being vigilant in case of ganks. Never commit to a hard tower attack unless you know the other enemies are preoccupied. Although poking is good, be sure to get a lot of last hits in. A build like this cannot afford to be under-leveled.

Teamfights Top

It's that point in the game where either your team or an enemy team decided it would be fun to aggravate the enemy. During a teamfight, you'll want to start blasting the enemy with Buckshot, which is on a very low cooldown. This helps with slowing the enemy and potentially setting up Aces High or another ally's ability. If you see a squishy target who's slowed/stunned/otherwise vulnerable, whack them with your alt and attempt to defeat them. Once Aces High lands on an enemy carry, you've successfully disrupted most of the damage flow for the enemy team, which (even though the stun isn't too long) can be devastating for the opponents. However, don't make the mistake of not following up. When the stun lands, jump on the target and start firing Buckshot (make sure to basic attack in between abilities!). A smart Jungler will help you finish off your stunned target as well.

In teamfights, your attacks should follow a priority order, depending on the situation. In the following list, all low numbers are high priority, where as high numbers are low priority.

1. Low HP units which currently aren't being targeted by anyone.
2. Squishy and high damage dealing units.
3. Tanky Units.

This is just a basic idea of who to target first, and you may alter these situationally.

Retreat! Top

Your Krul just got hooked by Phinn and is sent flying into the enemy team, where they soon die. Now, the enemies are focusing on you, and it looks like a great time to aggressively retreat.

In this scenario, you'll have to assess whether you can take the enemy or not. If all of them are full HP and deal high damage, probably run. If they won't drain your HP in 2 seconds, or if you know they won't be able to reach you, follow a standard kiting tactic: fire Buckshot and pester them while retreating. If you see an opening, dive in and secure the kill but only if you know it won't kill you, and if you've figured out how to escape afterwards. Remember, aggressive retreats should not turn into reckless attacks. If the situation is too dangerous, just run, and forget about poking them.

Stat Points Top

Because the stat point orders vary from game to game, I find the suggested chart inefficient. However, my overdrives (unless the situation drastically changes) are always the same. For this build, it's best to overdrive your A and ultimate ability. Overdriving the A adds a significant 10% increase in the slow, and the ult overdrive just adds .2 seconds to the stun, and increases damage, as well as reduces the cooldown time.

The Proper Usage of Skedaddle Top

Skedaddle isn't used just for the movement speed. Many times I have had to use this solely to block an otherwise devastating stun or negative effect. Quick activations of your B can save your team from a losing teamfight, or protect against an untimely demise.

Remember to use this just like you would reflex block if you see a powerful disruption ability coming your way. Since you can activate this while stunned, this is basically a built in reflex block, so use it wisely.

NOTE: do not use this to block damage. It won't work and you'll just end up dying.

Threats Top

Anyone who can dodge Gwen's abilities (like Taka) can be a huge threat. Also, try to avoid any heavily tanky units such as Catherine, Grace, etc.

Itemization Top

Last but definitely not least, we have the item choices. Allow me to explain the items for this build.

Aftershock was used to provide cooldown reduction and high percentage damage, since Buckshot is on such a low cooldown. The Energy recharge is also very helpful.

Dragon's Eye was put into this build so she can get a consistent amount of damage onto the enemies without being easily countered by high shield (this is because the amount of CP you generate will usually be too much for the shield to fully counter). Make sure to attack frequently in order to maximize the stack gains.

Aegis is a standard defense item that every carry needs (usually). Gwen deals high damage without much CP, and it isn't efficient to go glass cannon, unless the build is a situational pick/ counter pick.

Metal Jacket is another standard defense item.

Halcyon Chargers is needed for the long sprint time (helps you escape) and the significant cooldown decrease.

Situational Items:

Clockwork might be useful if you need more cooldown reduction, or higher burst is needed in your team comp. When building this, a temporary Weapon Blade can be added in place of Stormcrown/Banner to help early game farming.

[Spellfire]] can be useful if you need to play more carefully and some more poke is necessary. If using this item, remember that your engages might not be as strong, so try to play slightly more passively.

Stormcrown was added to help with Gwen's farm in the early game, because CP Gwen cannot farm well without this (or at least not without depleting her Energy supply). This is also useful for CDR (cooldown reduction)and slight HP gains.

Conclusion Top

Well, that's it for this guide. Hope you found it useful.

Also, be sure to vote or comment. I would love to hear your feedback.

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