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Crystal Assassin Glaive

By: Reidblack
Last Updated: Sep 11, 2014
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Build: Crystal

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Threat Hero Notes
Ringo Food. Try to wait for the right moment to dive and stun him - when he just activated his twirling silver.
Koshka If she doesn't build tanky she's food, hell even if she does you'd still probably win.
Petal Food. If she doesn't build shiversteel or a defense item like she should - food.
SAW He's usually just food, but depending his build beware his lifesteal in case he doesn't die in a single combo.
Catherine Catherine tends to build tanky, but when she doesn't fear nothing!
Adagio He's naturally tanky, so it's a matter of team coordination and skill matchup.
Glaive A weapon Glaive has more consistent damage and excels in prolonged fights - focus on bursting others first so your team gets an edge.
  No Threat
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Krul Krul is your bane - reduced crystal damage will hurt your performance bad.
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Intro Top

Hi community, Reidblack is back with another guide that he feels is underrated and should be popularized.

I've been playing a lot of Glaive recently, and have of course been too stubborn to try any other build than weapon carry monster Glaive.
Because I know Glaive can 1v3 late game no sweat.
Of course there are games when I end up against 3 carries (usually ringo, saw and glaive); when this happens I tend to lose in trades thus costing me my life thus costing my team of guest players their only ray of hope thus costing us the game.
Crystal Glaive on the other hand, is what I would personally call an assassin that can solo kraken.
Compared to Koshka, whom specializes in constant mini bursts, crystal Glaive is made to literally kill petal in a single combo late game, and no, he will not be squishy.

Item priorities: Top

Eve of Harvest
(Situational defense item)
Journey Boots

Boots aren't necessarily a priority because you'll be mobile anyway with your low cooldown Afterburn, but you should at least have Sprint Boots throughout the game.

The proper way to build your crystal Glaive is to purchase tier 2 items first, don't rush to a tier 3 item unless you're really fed.
For example, I would personally get the tier 2 crystal then the tier 2 clock rather than putting a tier 3 crystal on my next item to get.
(Apologies for not remembering the exact names, but if you don't understand these I really wouldn't recommend this build...)

Reasons for item priorities: Top

Shatterglass is an obvious item yes? Most crystal based carries require this item.

Clockwork and aftershock will be needed to obtain 75% cooldown reduction. Late game your afterburn and Twisted Stroke cleave will have a cooldown of below 10 seconds! And don't get me started on the ultimate... try it out yourself and you can thank me later.

Make sure you utilize aftershock's passive by basic attacking between skills. Though it's not necessary since your afterburn burst is already so high.

Eve of Harvest is mainly bought because you want the extra energy, you could also get frost burn if you wish.

Though I personally prefer eve of harvest so I can solo kraken late game, and let me add he is FAST, compared to other kraken solo-ers like Catherine, Adagio and Petal, crystal Glaive is definitely the fastest, I shhh you not.

Then of course you want a defense item, because Glaive is - whatever build you choose - first and foremost a tank. So get some kind of defense item, I personally prefer one with a reflex block active to buy time for your skills to cooldown.

When to play crystal Glaive: Top

  • Your team mates are reliable and you can manage to not feed early game.
  • The enemy team has a glass cannon carry.
  • When enemy majority is squishy.
  • Enemy team's tank is building metal jacket and your team lacks crystal damage.
  • Your opponents are very mobile with characters like Koshka and Ringo.
  • There's a petal without shiversteel.

Pointers: Top

Remember his cleave skill will also hurt! His cleave apparently also includes crystal damage, because damn, I was surprised too when I saw his cleave melt other players even though I didn't any weapon damage.

Don't be scared to spam your ultimate Bloodsong, you have 75% cooldown reduction! Of course if you have eve of harvest I'd use it after I've lost some health, to lifesteal back some health.

Forget about weapon lifesteal because you won't need it! The only shame on this build is that you won't be able to utilize Glaive's natural critical damage, critical chance and lifesteal. :(

And to make things even worse, his early game sucks, big time. But fear not! All your worries will disappear when you destroy your enemies huan by huan!

But this is why you should team queue with another carry, like SAW or Ringo, that way you can rely on them for early game damage.

And just like Koshka, crystal Glaive is horrible against tanks. So only play this strategy when you're up against squishies, or if you're fairly confident the opponents won't be too tanky.

But Reid, why don't I just play Koshka if that's the case?

Crystal Glaive has a completely different burst style, it's almost instant. Whereas Koshka has to rely on her ultimate and basic attack passives. And unlike Koshka's ultimate, crystal Glaive's ultimate will have a low cooldown and often available during fights, and if it lasts long enough you can even use it twice. Trust me, I use his ult at least 3 times when soloing kraken.

An extra tip, especially to newbies out there; you may have a large burst, but don't act stupid and be some hero, diving into the enemy with your afterburn and discovering you're alone and against 3 enemies. Vainglory is a team game and crystal Glaive, just like crystal SAW, needs teamwork like it's air.

Final tip, just don't feed, whatever build or character you play, you usually lose because the opponents have obtained more gold to purchase better items, be cautious until level 6 and don't be a hero. (Ironic since all the characters are called heroes)

Good luck maggots, you can thank me later after you've spammed kraken to death.

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