Deva34's Blitz Skaarf Guide *WIP* by Devaryan

Deva34's Blitz Skaarf Guide *WIP*

By: Devaryan
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2017
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Introduction Top

Hey my name Deva34 I'm T7 and a Roam main, what I'm showing today is a Skaarf build I got from a friend and taking it to the next level. I'm currently looking to impact the community in any way and I decided to start off with this Skaarf build which I currently have over a 90% win rate with.

Overview Top

Jungle Skaarf is in my opinion, the best Objective Clearer which is what Blitz shines in. The core concept of the build to use Fan the Flames in combination with piercing shards to deal the most possible damage to an objective.

The main purpose of the build is to pressure two objectives :

The Crystal Sentry
and Gold Mine

Enemies in Lane won't be able to stop you from taking Gold Miner and Crystal Sentry unless they're in jungle, at worst they would be able to kill you for a 1 for 3 trade.

* 3 points per objective
* No one really anticipates a crystal miner rush
* Will force at least 1 person out of lane, if they're smart
* Great in a 1v1 too against heroes without stuns
* Can clear low hp turrets with ease too
* No one instalocks Skaarf

* Laners need to play passively otherwise a 5 for 3 point trade at worst
* Crystal Sentry is hard to target after a foe's death due to respawn
* Weak vs. Assassins
* Prone to ambushes in the jungle
* Rage Pings from allies
* Doesn't work if someone starts at backs

Starting Game Top

The pace of the game determines on your first decision, choose correctly and you get a 3 or 6 point advantage, choose wrong and you give momentum to your opponent making it much harder to invade. A Crystal Sentry is guaranteed if all 3 are in lane, a turret is guaranteed if they are all in jungle and you are with your team, a Gold Miner is guaranteed as long as no vision is on it as their reaction won't be quick enough. If you don't know the safest option start at your turret and choose once the enemy appears at lane.

You have 4 viable starting options here, Crystal Sentry, Gold Miner, Enemy Turret and your Side of the Lane. You can destroy any of the objectives in under 5 seconds as long as no enemies are nearby lets look at examples.

Ringo Vox Celeste An all lane comp. Getting a Gold Miner or Crystal Sentry is best.

Gwen Taka Lance Hard comp to predict. Taka could start at backs, lane, or jungle, Lance might be in Jungle Bush or Lane, Gwen has a fast rotation on par to Skaarf's Gold Miner clear speed. The best option is go to your lane. In blitz most people go triple lane at some point or another, when it does happen immediately rush down to Crystal Sentry, Gwen isn't fast enough to get to a Skaarf already clearing their Sentry.

Petal Flicker Baron Lets anticipate them not building a scout trap in their Bush and try to go for a lane gank, this leaves Gold Miner all open for you, on top of this you can rush their Crystal Sentry too for a 6 point advantage.

What to Choose Top

Taking Objectives safely requires you to be aware of the map and reacting based off their positions. Any time enemies are fighting or far away from an objective use boots to it and secure it.

After your first objective kill you should have a Travel Boots and another Piercing Shard so now you have 3 options.

Fight at lane until you find a fight, an extended fight will mean a guaranteed Gold Miner or Sentry unless the enemy is hyper-aware.

Skaarf's skirmishing abilities are also really good since Skaarf will have a 40% shield piercing poke and slow.

Gold Miner
Best case scenario : You take Gold Miner and Crystal Miner and your enemies go to their jungle while you recall, now we can take another Gold Miner to catch the enemy off guard again.

The Gold Miner is the objective to take when a fight breaks down, if everything goes right this could also lead to a crystal camp.

Analysis Top

1:54 Fortress's ult happens, this is a bad situation for Skaarf as his position is revealed and leads to a death, try and avoid these situaions

3:11 A fight breaks down so I take an objective, they won't have time to react to me.

4:51 They take Gold Miner so I take Crystal Miner as you can see, Fortress couldn't react fast enough to me even though he was in his jungle.

2:21 I spot Rona and Lyra so I assume I can take Crystal Miner, however to do a fight at Lane I'm able to take the GOld Miner.

2:41 They still ignore me so I decide to take out Crystal Sentry. Assume Rona goes to try and take me out, she wasted her time due to my speed.

3:41 Krul was a second late to steal it and in return I kill him to a 4/0 trade.


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