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Glaive the Krul Slayer Build

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Last Updated: Aug 26, 2014
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A Guide by Legendary_Killer Top

Note: This guide was originally created by player Legendary_Killer in the official Vainglory forums. The author displays as VG COMMUNITY as part of a bulk migration of guides to VaingloryFire. Enjoy!

Introduction Top

Hey guys I am new to Vainglory! Enjoying the latest update of Vainglory?
Krul is the most awaited heroe in the update which made players go bananas when it was released
Krul is a very deadly and tanky heroe.Krul is very op in the game that makes him very hard to kill.
I also found out that Krul is strong against Weapon builds especially on Weapon Build- Glaive.
I did some experiments on the builds for Glaive.
Players ussually build him on weapon so i tried Crystal Glaive
With that i can kill Krul easily.
So here is the build i tried and works good for Krul.
Hope you guys like it

Item Build Top

I'm not gonna make this long because i know you'll be bored reading the whole.

At early game i recommend you to buy the health regeneration so you wont die because of the creeps in the jungle

After you earn a thousand gold I recommend you to buy a crystal power item( Shatterglass)
a cooldown reduction item( Clockwork)

Continue building him Crystal Power and Cooldown Reduction

Sometimes at Mid game I buy a health item and an armor item.


So that's it guys that's my build for Glaive against Krul
Hope you agree and like this but most of all I hope this will help you against Krul.
If you didn't like it,it's ok I'm just a beginner.
I'll be experimenting more builds against Krul.
I'll update this build of Glaive ASAP because i still haven't memorize all the items.
See you next time

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