Jungle Queen by UrzaPlaneswalker

Jungle Queen

By: UrzaPlaneswalker
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2017
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Lately, I witnessed a massive decrease in Captains doing other roles. They're feeling outdated, powerless, struggling, but I'm here to tell you it's not over yet.
*Disclaimer* do not read this, not practice and then jump into ranked. It won't be Lyra's fault if you die.

early game
So you're thinking, gee, Urza, you're a bit off your rocker. Look, most Captains can't do well without the usual Captain items. They typically lack defense (Phinn), power (Adagio), or just plain get wrecked (Fortress). Catherine comes with her perk, ready to spin up her defense, but you have to be smart. Try to stun and run, build it up. I've had a few friends rack up 60+ points in a match. Now, this includes successful silencing which brings us to...

mid game
Really you should have the Aftershock done and be working on alternating current. If you happen to be getting ambushed by, say, Kishka or Krul a lot, snag that Slumbering Husk early and grab a Reflex Block too. Push to at least get your Piercing Shard before the kraken shows up.

Late Game
Once you have all defenses built, focus your fire on the enemy Weapons user. He or she will be your biggest threat as this build relies on your perk to build armor. Make sure to silence at the start of fights, and don't pursue unless your Pursuit is ready to lock down, and kill, your opponent.

The only true threats are aggressive Jungles like Kishka and even Taka. If you see them, consider rushing Reflex Block early to avoid their nasty ultimates. This build has potential, but it can't work without you.

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