Main damage dealer adagio ( lane ap build) by Sharpmage

Main damage dealer adagio ( lane ap build)

By: Sharpmage
Last Updated: Dec 3, 2016
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Hi guys, im sharpmage and i currently main lane adagio. Today i will help you all to understand adagio and bring out its full potential. Please keep in mind that this is a guide for more experienced adagio players.

A laning adagio is rarely seen in low tier competitive play, however when used correctly adagio can reign terror onto the enemy team. A few basic tips when laning with adagio is to
1.) ALWAYS ALWAYS. Keep your mana bar full, this is because if the enemy ganks you lane it will ensure that you have enough mana to heal yourself and slow the enemy down
2.)Buy reflex block early, this is because adagio is very weak when facing agaisnt stuns. When a catherine for example comes to gank you, use your reflex block and stay clear of other enemies.
3.)Heal your teammates only if they have no health or if they are going up close and personal with the enemy to start a teamfight. This will ensure that the entire enemy team will get affected by your gift of fire ability.

As an adagio, your gift of fire(A) ability is very helpful in keeping you alive and hurting your enemies. When affected by gift of fire an enemy will get slowed down giving a window of opportunityfor a teammate to finish off the opponent. Your gift of fire ability does more damage to your enemy than you think it does so always use it during a teamfight even if your teammate haves full health.

The (B) ability for adagio agent of wrath will deal huge chunks of damage at a go. Please take note that adagio carry is used as a burst damage carry. Hence the jungler with adagio should be one that can consistently deal damage. Since your (B) abilty works well with your (A) ability it is best to have mobile teammates to isolate and decimate an opponent within seconds. Suitable junglers include ozo, glaive, krul and petal.

Finally, your ultimate ability. Adagio`s ultimate verse of judgement can potentially triple kill and triple stun teammates, immediately changing the side of a match. How i recommend using his ulti is to distract the enemy with your junglers and roamerz before rushing in with your boots, using your (A) ability on yourself before using your ulti for heavy damage on your opponents.

In order to maximise damage, alwayd use your (A) and (B) ability to constantly poke the enemy, your ulti also should not br wasted and should only be used when you are sure it will land on all players.

Thanks for checking out my guide on laning adagio. I hoped this helped you understand how to lane better and how to fully utilise your abilities.

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