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Note: This guide was originally created by player Sephiroth012 in the official Vainglory forums. The author displays as VG COMMUNITY as part of a bulk migration of guides to VaingloryFire. Enjoy!

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I start of going into the jungle to farm. Lets say enemies invaded your territory so early that you can't farm anymore, that is fine. This is why Glaive is a roamer (good for lain and jungle). This is where you will need your team of course, defend your territory by invading them too. (And just a catch-up! What if theres another jungler? You can both jungle together and INVADE the enemy base or just leave it to him/her.) Lets say you haven't kill any enemies, yet you got deaths already! Exactly as i said in another discussion, iv'e observed that Glaive is a bit of a late gamer. You get super strong at mid-game and can actually defeat 2 players at once (specially Ringo)! So don't get upset if you get deaths in early game.

How do you start farming? Like what minion enemy to kill first? I always kill the regenerating pests first for regeneration of course. Always target them first for HP regen! Then it is up to you.


1. In mid-games, good Catherine users are so hard to crack when they are using Stormguard. So don't go fighting Catherine while in stormguard. The tip here is Catherine is so squishy without it, and that is the time you attack! You will see the damage once you've played Glaive, she can be down to the last hit after those fatal blows without her stormguard. (Also a tip for Catherine users! Never fight Glaive if you know your stormguard is gonna run out...lets say you bail a little while then go back to the fight, but it still depends on the player controlling Glaive.) And yeah, since @Zaine mentioned those Catherines that is always on stormguard cause of the item cooldown reduct. sometimes they forget sometimes they don't (activating the stormguard) just the right timing won't hurt.

2. Them Koshkas, SAWs, and Adagios! Sometimes very tanky, sometimes super DMGR! Specially Saw, i had this encounter with @bizkit08 and i say he is far the best Saw user i have played with. Saw is very good in early-to-mid-game, well...also Koshka and Adagio. I don't really have a very good tip here cause this one will depend on how you use Glaive. Lol 0:)

3. Another Glaive encounter! Another Glaive is in the enemy team, what if he is stronger, strategic, and better than me? Your problem lol. But like i said, good Glaive need good allies. Yeah he is better than you, but so much for hes allies, haha lol. But what if our allies are both good, but he is better than me? Like, more dmg than me, faster than me, and etc. I'd say you just avoid him and don't fight him alone. That's all.

4. Ringo! Usually i don't have any problems with Ringo, unless of course an ally is blah blah blah. You know what i mean. "Why are you underestimating Ringo"? Well first of all i am not. Like i said yet again, it depends on the player and on your allies. Super lol. But this is what i have observed on Ringo...VERY SQUISHY when it comes to a 1v1 battle with Glaive. Another lol. But super DMGR when you know how to play him. Just like @Toilets said on his/her guide to Ringo. OP Hero.


FIRST TIER 3 ITEM: Sorrowblade (cost: 3100g)

1. Since i start off as a jungler i buy Swift Shooter (300g). This will help you slice and dice faster for the minions at the jungle. And also buy Halcyon Potion, you can buy 2 of those.

2. After that buy Weapon Blade (300g).

3. Next, buy Heavy Steel (850g if you bought Weapon Blade already; +55 wpn pwr). This will help you do some dmg.

4. Repeat no.2 (or just wait till you reach 650g to outright buy Six Sins)

5. Of course buy the " Six Sins" (costs 350g now; original cost: 650g)

6. Lastly by Sorrowblade

2nd TIER 3 ITEM: Tornado Trigger

1. Buy Swift Shooter again (300g) and then Lucky Strike.

2. Buy Blazing Salvo (cost: 400g; original cost 700g)

3. Buy Tornado Trigger

3rd TIER 3 ITEM: Well since this is the build for "assassin Glaive" the next item is Serpent Mask

1. Do it in any order you want. But i prefer Heavy Steel first.

After this build you will surely do some dmg. But its up to you if you will continue "assassin style or tanky"

Feel free to fit the boots in any of the builds, like after build 1 you do boots already, doesn't matter. FEEL FREE!

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