Spellsword Taka 3.5 (2018) by DuGYoT

Spellsword Taka 3.5 (2018)

By: DuGYoT
Last Updated: Aug 4, 2018
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Weapon Power: +255 (+505 max)
Attack Speed: +20%
Max Health: +400
Armour: +145
Shield: +110
Cool Down Reduction: +50% (45% max)
Energy Recharge: +12
Max Energy: +350


About the build . . .

- Versatile build
- Maximises the availability of abilities
- Have a great foundation of defence for both power types

- You will have to perform lots of basic attacking to maximise Taka's true power. Preferably, if you know stutter-stepping
- Does not boost crystal power (abilities)
- The total of cool down reduction has exceeded the maximum of 45% (50% in total)

- Metal Jacket, could be substituted by Atlas Pauldron. Ideally, when playing against Saw and/or other heroes who uses significant attack speed.
- Halcyon Chargers could change into Journey Boots for faster movement speed. But it would cost to increase the cool down reduction by 10%

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