Tanky/agressive krul by ZacVikt [1.19] by ZacVikt

Tanky/agressive krul by ZacVikt [1.19]

By: ZacVikt
Last Updated: Jul 18, 2016
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Agressive/tanky krul build and playstyle by ZacVikt Top

Hi, i am one of the players from SEA, my IGN is ZacVikt. I've been playing krul for 5 months now and i've been doing great with this hero. I would like to share how my playstyle is.

Ask a krul u will have many choice of plays. But now im showing u a common play style that are found in tier 7 and up.

I usually started up with a swift shooter and two halcyon potions in the beginning of the game. After my first shop, i will but another swift shooter. Many of u have questioned, why should we get two swift shooters when we can just go for a blazing salvo? There are many reasons. First of all two swift shooters add 40% attack speed to krul and cost only 600 gold. But buy blazing salvo instead of second shooter will add only 35% to krul and cost 700 gold. It's not worth it.

Krul have a unique heroic perk called shadows empower me. This perk is activated when krul stays in a brush for 1.5 seconds and this perk allows him to sprint and after he touches his oponnent he will slow them.

And here's how krul's ability work

Krul's A ability called dead's man rush
Krul dashes forwards to opponent/objectives giving him a small barrier with wp and large barrier with cp. It is used to rush forward to opponent. It works well with his perk and a shiver steell.

Krul's B called spectral smite
After u upgrade and have spectral smite u will have stack on opponent after u hit a basic attack(max 10 stacks) every stack u got increase the damage deal to opponent and life steal to yourself

Krul's C called From hell's heart(ultimate)

After krul lands his ult on an enemy, he will stun the enemy and slow them. When krul throws his sword and after it's on the way back and lands on the enemy it will increase the damage of the sword and increase the duraration of the stun.

And after you understand how krul's ability works, lets start with the basics:
Know that you a tanky krul with many defense ,so u should be the one that enemy targeted and try to focus the enemy carries and as they will target u, let your allies focus them behind and try to keep the battle as long as possible so your breaking point will stack up and you will be a huge damage dealer. If u think u die fast in team fights, try not to rush all the way through if your laner won't able to deal damage to enemy.

This is a great build and tactics to counter most enemy if your teamates already deal lots of damage
If your teammate not able to do damage u should switch to sarrow blade instead of breaking point.

Thanks for checking out my guide for tanky/agressive krul. :) my IGN is ZacVikt from SEA server

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