The Burst God😈 by HiddenUnknown

The Burst God😈

By: HiddenUnknown
Last Updated: Oct 29, 2014
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Krul Early game monster. Not a real threat since you can dodge his ultimate with your high moblity
Adagio Real annoyance his heal can of course heal but can slow. His defenses are really low so you can burst him down fast.
Joule Like Krul you can dodge her ult. Please PLEASE dodge it or you will die. Also if she somehow lands her stun on you in a team fight/gank 9/10 your dead.
Petal Super Super annoying. Her Auto Attack Range is bigger than yours so you cant kite her. Get caught by her ult late game and you'll KNOW who's the REAL Burst God
Ringo Match of skill. Try to trade off your q every once in a while since you'll have good energy sustain.
SAW Really hard lane. His passive works against AND in your favor. (AA speed bonus hurts you but his mobility is lowered per stack so he cant really chase you).
Glaive Really tanky and has high hp. His Afterburn makes it easy for him to gank ad bruise you and even kill you if you push to far and he stuns you near a enemy turret.
Koshka Fastest jungle clears, + high damage, + high mobility + target stun = nightmare for Ringo She usual comes out of no where and turns a team fight into her favor and shits all over you. Five words.... Don't over extend
  No Threat
Catherine Worse threat than Koshka. Silence, Stun, High Defense, Gap closer. Her key goal is to make you her bitch. Disregards all the rules and WILL turret dive you, kill you and come out with more then half her hp still intact. THIS is the real Kiting challenge in the game. Good Luck

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