The Churn warden, enter the churn (captain builds) by ash098

The Churn warden, enter the churn (captain builds)

By: ash098
Last Updated: Oct 14, 2017
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CrazyAsianNinja (3) | October 28, 2017 8:13am
I think that it should be mentioned that any hero that gets hooked will be visible to the enemy team. This includes if the hooked hero enters a bush or activates a stealth ability, like Taka's Katu, Kestrel's Active Camo, and Flicker's Passive.
GeeLord | October 28, 2017 12:18am
I snorted at the first part, regarding the amount of mines that I saw, and in a good way actually! Reminds me how extremely important vision is so thanks.

I myself started playing the ChurnBro and believe, he got a difficult spike like Idris, tho Idris has it easy since people could spam like hell, but with ChurnBro? Hello no.

Back to a serious matter, I build around standard Captain kit, Fountain, Crucible and War Treads. See, I didn't notice the Broken Myth/Eve combo thing, makes me notice that time to time, we do need some offense to get in on the fight as well, not to make a sure kill but to contribute enough to make an assist, which could be a game changer.

I will take this guide to heart as I will start using ChurnBro more, tho Lyra is my main girl, the ChurnBro is too fun to pass up.

Till then!
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