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The Great Plat-Glaive Has Arrived

By: VG Community
Last Updated: Sep 6, 2014
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A Build by Godlik3 Top

Note: This build was originally created by player Godlik3 in the official Vainglory forums. The author displays as VG COMMUNITY as part of a bulk migration of guides to VaingloryFire. Enjoy!

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dude, this build is really good with any hero (if played like Godlik3 ) especially with Petal, Catherine and Ringo even if they all had Tension Bow. this build will not be completed if you are to greedy so jungle first before anything but you can gank sometime if youre level three

1st Item Build is Shiversteel, this is very effective at early games cause before you launch your first yo have to activate this item cause the next basic attack will slow anything that moves

2nd Item Build is Frostburn, this is a good combo at Glaive's 1st and also with Shiversteel, ex. Shiversteel Passive (Activated) + Frostburn Passive = Slowed enemy + Afterburn at next attack = Stunned and Slowed Enemy

3rd Item Build is Boots, max it for better defense

4th itm Build is Crucible, this Glaive is really the one who will block some damages for an ally's safety so even though Adagio's Ult is a very big circle, your allies will be saved because of the Reflex Block of Crucible

5th Build is Metal Jacket for the Tension Bow even if some enemies dont have some its ok coz you will also be hard to bring down

6th Item Build is Aegis or Atlas Pauldron, Aegis for CP enemies that can bring you down like my CP SAW, Atlast Pauldron for speedy enemies like SAW, Ringo WP/CP, Glaive WP/CP

so guys ready to make some enemies Annoyed, this is really a tanky build so if used properly and like a support it will became a Nightmare, Add me at Vainglory -> Godlik3 and Goldik3PH

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