VAINGLORIOUS tips : How to SUPPORT-TANK your teammates, by MEDiC (Nkn team) by NwK-MEDIC

VAINGLORIOUS tips : How to SUPPORT-TANK your teammates, by MEDiC (Nkn team)

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2015
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HEROES that can use this BUILD Top

I've made the decision to choose Catherine Image because she's the tank by excellence but this build is possible for ANY TANK-SUPPORT :

- Glaive
- Catherine : with your heroic perk : never buy a METAL JACKET, always prefer ATLAS for your team!
- Ardan
- Joule

+- Koshka (i'm going to make a Guide for her too : replace CW by AS)
+- Adagio
+- Skaarf with his heroic Perk


750 gold : Dragonheart rush because +500 hp for a tank, before Reflex Block that is needed only when ennemy got their level 6 ultimate. Those two tier 2 items become a single tier 3 Crucible for 500 gold more.
Crucible offers +700 HP and an active that can pop up a REFLEX BLOCK for your teammates.
Sometimes you can have 2 Crucible in your final build !

You should rush an Atlas Pauldron right after the Dragonheart if the ennemies got two range-heroes dps !
Ironguard Contract + Sprint Boots + Dragonheart + Atlas Pauldron + Crucible !

Clockwork can be either the second or third item to get, according to how the game is doing (more attack or more def)
In my opinion, as a TANKSUPPORT, yOu don't need to deal damage (except Koshka example), just protect your teammates, tank the damage, and silence the ennemies, time your crucible, time your fountain, use properly your atlas.
That's why I like the idea of this item : use it to be able to spam your abilities with much better COOLDOWN :)

Atlas Pauldron as a melee heroe, activate it when you reach the ennemy carry, he will be silenced and your carries can shoot him down easily.
Glaive : Afterburn on the carry then atlas, then ulti, then afterburn stun
Cath : Stun the carry, then atlas, then B
Joule : jump on the carry then atlas, and B
Koshka : A on the carry, then atlas, and B
Ardan : B on the carry, then atlas, and have fun!

Atlas Pauldron is an underestimate item. This can change the whole face of the fights!!

Shiversteel can be interesting if you want an offensive tank item to slow your ennemy! (example koshka ringo taka ardan that can escape easily)

Ironguard Contract can be turned into a Warhorn instead of Clockwork if you need escape, or chasing, or nice engage too ! that can create big surprise on the ennemy and make him panic ! :D


Your role is to buy the Scout Trap Halcyon Potion and Ironguard Contract as first items to tank and aggro the creeps, to get the 20 gold passive of it, while your teammate lasthit the minion and you also get the passive of it :)

Your role is to support your team.
That's why you should choose between Fountain of Renewal, Atlas Pauldron, Crucible, as first items, because they all coordinate well with your teammates. Those are teamwork items.
The Fountain of Renewal contains a kinetic shield against BLUE ennemies.
Time your items activation well in teamfights. Use your crucible only if you see your carry not using his reflex or don't have any on him. Fountain when your teammates are low life. Atlas the ennemy carry to block his damage.

Your role is to walk on all the ennemies Scout Trap !
Your role is to Scout Trap the map to have VISION on the ennemies !
Your role is to use Flare Gun when necessary !
Your role is to ENGAGE the teamfights, facecheck the bushes, focus the right ennemy !


Nice work about visual indicators in vainglory here, you should definately dominate this section too as a nice support :

I also encourage you to read my guide about Ringo

I'm going to add my new vision of Koshka guide soon too.

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