VG Hero: Ardan


Attack Type: Melee
Position: Captain
Role: Protector

838 (+163.64)
Health Regen
3.39 (+0.35)
Energy Regen
Weapon Damage
80 (+5.45)
Attack Speed
100% (+3.3%)
35 (+5.91)
25 (+4.55)
Attack Range
Move Speed


Julia's Gift
Slot: Heroic Perk

Ardan benefits from purchasing health items.
  • Whenever Ardan takes damage, he heals for 0.8% of his missing health, but no more than 75% of the damage taken.
  • Instead of energy, Ardan uses a yellow meter called Vengeance. Vengeance builds over time and can also be gained with basic attacks, critical strikes and abilities.
  • Because Ardan doesn't need regular energy, 5% of bonus energy and 50% of bonus energy recharge are converted to crystal power.

Slot: A

Ardan dashes to protect an ally, granting them a 2s barrier and a burst of move speed. This also slows and damages nearby enemies.
  • Overdrive: At max rank, Vanguard grants 50% Vengeance when cast on an ally.
  • Using this ability on himself results in only half the barrier, speed boost and no Vengeance gain.
  • Barrier scales up with 35% of Ardan's bonus health.
  • Any time this ally takes damage, Ardan gains Vengeance.

Blood for Blood
Slot: B

Ardan rushes forward and punches his target.
  • Overdrive: At max rank, Blood for Blood deals an additional 15% damage.
  • Blood for Blood can only be activated when Ardan has 100% Vengeance and will consume all of it.
  • Blood for Blood triggers basic-attack effects.

Slot: C

Ardan leaps to the target location and projects a perimeter around him. Enemy heroes who touch or cross the perimeter are stunned and take crystal damage.
  • If Ardan leaves the perimeter, it is immediately destroyed.
  • Ardan instantly gains full Vengeance upon using this ability.

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