VG Hero: Reim


Attack Type: Melee
Position: Jungle
Role: Mage

746 (+159.36)
Health Regen
220 (+22)
Energy Regen
Weapon Damage
80 (+6.64)
Attack Speed
100% (+3.3%)
20 (+3.64)
20 (+3.64)
Attack Range
Move Speed
Slot: Heroic Perk

Reim's basic attacks deal 50-160 (level 1-12) (+180% crystal power) damage over 4s and slow targets by 50% for 0.6s.

Reim temporarily gains fortified health equal to 10% (2.5% against non-heroes) of damage dealt.
  • Fortified health is capped at 20% of Reim's maximum health.

Winter Spire
Slot: A

Reim summons a spire of ice at a nearby location, dealing crystal damage to surrounding enemies. After a shower delay, the spire shatters, dealing heavy crystal damge.
  • 35% of the damage dealt with this ability is gained as fortified health.
  • Fortified health gained is reduced against non-heroes.
  • Deals 50% less damage to minions.

Chill Winds
Slot: B

Reim deals a burst of crystal damage to all surrounding enemies and roots them. A rooted enemy cannot move or dash, but the enemy can still attack.
  • Deals 50% less damage to minions.

Slot: C

Reim summons an ancient Valkyrie, devastating enemies in the area and applying a heavy decaying slow.
  • Enemies near center are also stunned and take greater damage.

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