VG Hero: Skaarf


Attack Type: Ranged
Position: Lane
Role: Mage

638 (+134)
Health Regen
3.55 (+0.35)
200 (+24)
Energy Regen
1.33 (+0.16)
Weapon Damage
80 (+6.73)
Attack Speed
100% (+2%)
20 (+2.73)
20 (+2.73)
Attack Range
Move Speed
Fan the Flames
Slot: Heroic Perk

Skaarf's abilities burn targets and his basic attacks deal bonus crystal damage to burning targets.
  • Burn: 8 damage per second for 4s.
  • Basic attacks: 2% (+2% of crystal power) of the target's max health as crystal damage.
  • This damage can crit for 2x.
  • Deals reduced damage to Kraken and structures.

Slot: A

Skaarf spits a fireball that collides with the first hero, structure or boss monster it hits.
  • The fireball damages & passes through smaller minions.
  • Each time it passes through a unit, its damate is reduced to 85% of before.
  • Deals 50% less damage damage to minions.

Slot: B

Skaarf hurls a goop onto the target location. Enemies walking through the sticky substance are slowed. Any of Skaarf's flames will ignite the puddle, dealing burst damage and burning enemies over time.
  • A flaming puddle does not slow enemies as much as a goop puddle
  • Deals half damage to minions & Kraken.

Dragon's Breath
Slot: C

Skaarf inhales for 1.5s, then exhales a huge flames for 3s. Skaarf may move freely while spewing fire.
  • Skaarf gains a quick burst of move speed when wxhaling.
  • While inhaling or exhaling, enemies moving against the current are slowed while allies moving with it are sped up.
  • Skaarf temporarily gains fortified health while channeling.
  • Deals 50% damage to non-heroes.

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