VG Hero: Tony


Attack Type: Melee
Position: Jungle
Role: Warrior

762 (+162)
Health Regen
4.01 (+0.31)
280 (+33)
Energy Regen
1.87 (+0.22)
Weapon Damage
83 (+8.1)
Attack Speed
100% (+3.3%)
30 (+5)
20 (+3.64)
Attack Range
Move Speed


Come At Me
Slot: Heroic Perk

When Tony receives damage, he gains 60-302 (level 1-12) (+20% of his bonus health) health barrier for 2s. This cannot occur again within 10s-6s (level 1-12).

Slot: A

Tony's next three basic attacks are empowered for 4s. These attacks launch Tony toward his target, dealing bonus damage. The third attack is a two-handed strike that will stun his target.
  • Tony also gains a decaying move speed bonus when activating this ability.

Trash talk
Slot: B

Tony hurls insults in the target direction. All enemies hit receive damage and are forced to attack Tony for 1.2s.
  • This also resets the cooldown of Come At Me, allowing it to trigger again.
  • Tony gains a 25% damage reduction while taunting.
  • The duration is further increased with weapon power up to a cap of 2s with 200 weapon power.

Bada Boom
Slot: C

Tony winds up, then dashes to target location, releasing a massive uppercut. This colossal punch deals damage and knocks away all enemies caught in the area.

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