VG Hero: Vox


Attack Type: Ranged
Position: Lane
Role: Sniper

667 (+126.09)
Health Regen
3.55 (+0.35)
200 (+24)
Energy Regen
1.33 (+0.16)
Weapon Damage
54 (+5)
Attack Speed
100% (+3.3%)
20 (+2.73)
20 (+2.73)
Attack Range
Move Speed
Julia's Song
Slot: Heroic Perk

Vox's abilities mark enemies with Resonance. When basic attacking enemies with Resonance, bolts will bounce outwards to two nearby enemies dealing crystal damage and refreshing and spreading Resonance.
  • Resonance bounces deal 50% damage to minions.

Sonic Zoom
Slot: A

Vox dashes in the targeted direction, throwing two basic attacks to the nearest enemy marked by Resonance (prioritizing heroes).

Slot: B

Vox emits a sonic pulse that echoes off nearby enemies and applies Resonance. The pulse applies a slow that is significantly stronger near its center and lasts 1.2 seconds.
  • Each upgrade to Pulse increases the damage of Vox's bouncing attacks to enemy heroes.
  • Overdrive: Resonance bounce range increased by 2.

Wait for It
Slot: C

Vox fires an ultrasonic wave that applies Resonance to enemies in its path and refreshes all Resonance. Shortly after, a wide shockwave explodes along the same path, dealing crystal damage and silencing enemies.
  • Striking enemy heroes with the shockwave will also cause Resonance to bounce.

Update HistoryEdit

Update 1.15

Sonic Zoom

- Activating this ability no longer resets Vox’s basic-attack cooldown.
Wait for It...

- The hitbox was slightly modified to match in-game visuals.

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