[4.5] Can't touch this! by M3j1r0

[4.5] Can't touch this!

By: M3j1r0
Last Updated: Jul 23, 2019
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Changelog Top

  • 23-07-2019: Slight update due to recent changes.
  • 23-10-2018: Drastic update of this build, the core and situational items have been changed.
  • 22-10-2018: Additional update, now with more detailed item choices.
  • 19-10-2018: Update in response to the 3.8 patch.
  • 17-08-2018: Some more fine tuning in regards to the starting items. Added a chapter with an explanation of the chosen items. Modified a few lines in the General section.
  • 16-08-2018: Expanded the item build. Added some info in regards to plays style and item choices.
  • 09-09-2018: Changed the item build after some testing in blitz and 3v3. Updated the text accordingly.

General Top

This build has gone through a few stages, the end result is the build you see right now. Initially I thought, I want life steal, slow enemies and low cooldowns. I've now realized that life steal is kinda pointless for Samuel and the other aspects aren't ideal for every situation.

As a result the core has changed. These items together will give you low cooldowns, damage over time, high crystal power and proper energy management.

Additionally you have these situational items that will finalize the build:
  • Slumbering Husk for more defense against high burst enemies.
  • Aegis for more defense against enemies with control abilities.
  • Broken Myth for armor piercing against high defense enemies.
  • Frostburn for the slow utility against highly mobile enemies.

With these situational items you pick one defense and one crystal item.

The order in which you get the items can vary, based on your game. Sometimes it's smart to start with defense or mobility, other times you can start with raw power. Try to decide whats best during the game.

Play style Top

There isn't really a guide on play style, but you can live by a few rules.
  • Use Malice & Verdict as your primary damage source, or to just annoy/poke.
  • Auto attack is nice, but don't bother during team fights. Just move around and use Malice & Verdict.
  • Use Drifting Dark offensively: cast forward to utilize the AOE and clear minion waves or during group fights.
  • Use Drifting Dark defensively: cast backwards to fight backwards, get life steal/heal and get yourself out of a sticky situation.
  • Try to stay inside Drifting Dark, this will give you self healing + allows you to spam Malice & Verdict to the max.
  • Learn how to keep moving while using Malice & Verdict.
  • Learn how to fight while retreating (fight backwards).
  • Don't pay too much attention to your perk Corrupted Genius. It's nice, and yes it has a boost if used against an enemy hero. But most of the times you'll get yourself in trouble when you focus on using it on an enemy hero, so just forget about this perk and focus on positioning and using Malice & Verdict!
  • Use your ultimate, Oblivion to sleep enemies that are too close (to get some distance). Or to sleep certain enemies during a team fight, e.g. the captain. Or just to stop an enemy from escaping.
  • In the lane, try to learn how to flank from the sides when clearing minion waves. This will give you the proper positioning for when an enemy hero appears (who you'll want to poke ^_~). When working from the sides the minions won't block your Malice & Verdict.
  • Don't go alone in the jungle, focus on the lane and support the jungle when needed / able but try to avoid going alone!

About me Top

I'm a casual player, most of the times I only have time for a Blitz/Battle Royale game, but occasionally I play a proper 5v5 or 3v3 game.

Although casual, I play to win. As such, I enjoy thinking about these item builds and Samuel ended up being one of my favorite characters.

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