Amael support 5v5 build by pokicelol5

Amael support 5v5 build

By: pokicelol5
Last Updated: Aug 30, 2020
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First buy Top

Buy Boots + Oakheart or Banner for invading cp buffs (Or Flare Loader if you're a pro)

Later Top

First 2 items will be Crucible + Fountain, Crucible first to save your teammates from cc then fountain with T2 boots. You can also buy very early T3 boots first if you want. Atlas is easy to apply so it's a very good item to have. So Crucible, Fountain, Boots, Atlas are first 4 standard items on many captains and Amael doesn't have any heals or barriers for his teammates so these are very good first items because they all give something to the team, then if you have Treads, you can buy SuperScout for vision and constantly buy cp infusions for max cdr or skip infusions and buy Capacitor but it's passive effect would be useless unless it's barrier from Cruci and heals from Fountain. Pulseweave or Rooks Decree are good last item but you can also take something like Aegis if they have a lot of crowd control or Metal Jacket or Shroud if they have tons of cp or wp damage to not worry about dying.

Tips Top

He is great at disengage and engage. In Glaive hero spotlight, Ciderhelm said he can be played as a captain, because he has great peel and engage, but his other abilities and perk are useless in this role, his Afterburn also has a large cooldown and cost a lot of energy, Amael with Cooldown Reduction has cooldowns like Koshka, no energy problems and insane roaming, he can use A and B ability to get somewhere quickly and still have them off cooldown as he gets there.

Edit Top

You can have energy problems without Chargers.

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