Assassin Assistant Catherine (First Guide) by Mojonaw

Assassin Assistant Catherine (First Guide)

By: Mojonaw
Last Updated: Jun 16, 2015
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Hello friends, this is just a quick guide to my Assassin Assistant Build with Catherine!

My last game's score was 3 kills, 1 death, and 20 assists!

I upgrade my items one at a time, so no splitting items.

First off get Ironguard Contract and two halcyon potions, it gets you decent gold from helping out your teammates. Next go into storm banner, so you can get that health regen. Finally Warhorn! This helps you and your teammates either move in for the kill, or quickly avoid death.

Next build your way up to clockwork. Typically I get the energy battery before hourglass, just for the extra MP. Buy the void battery and then the chronograph, ending with clockwork. This gives you plenty of mana to stick out some fights as well as cooldown to stun enemies or protect yourself with shield.

Next buy boots! You can buy the speed boots earlier if you feel like you're getting caught in sticky situations but usually best after mastering clockwork. Work all the way up to travel boots and the journey boots for that extra little health buff.

Now its time to make yourself a little (Alot) tankier with some health! First oakheart, then dragon heart. Then build towards reflex block for the earlier blocking ability. Finally get the crucible for 600 extra hp plus reflex block. This is where enemies start to realize you are hard to kill.

Next get that light armor, then metal jacket, for the nice bit of def/shield. Finally you get the atlas pauldron for high def and slow enemy attacks. Super useful against Krul's stacks, taka, or saw.

The last item is up to you. I either go with aftershock for that sweet % dmg, or frostburn for good cp damage and slow enemies from fleeing. Alternating current would be nice if you are craving more attack speed. And broken myth for shield pierce.

Here's the fun part. How I like to play.

So catherine is actually kinda squishy in the beginning. Start with merciless pursuit. Every hit with it stacks your def when you hit an enemy hero. it also helps to get away, or stun your enemies. You can use the stun to either stop enemies from chasing your teammates, or set your teamates up to wreck the stunned enemy. Its fun to hide in the bushes and gank the enemy with a stun and stay and fight with your mates, or run away.

Stormguard is your best friend. Aka Bubble Shield. It helps you soak and reflect damage from enemies. This will keep you alive and viable to take damage so that your enemies can focus on fight or flight depending on the situation, instead of worrying about their health too much.

Blast tremor can either initiate a fight with a pow and silence, or pick off fleeing enemies. Judge the situation to your best ability to decipher when to use it.

When using Catherine, the objective is to stay alive, and help your team stay alive to win. Soak up all the damage you can to protect your teammates, and then get yourself outta there before its too late. Keep enemies at bay until you are ready to initiate your teammates coming in for the kill. use warhorn often to help them escape or get the kill. crucible will block big attacks when needed. also her stun is quicker than many so you can stun them before they stun you. Once you've got crucible, you are very hard to kill and can distract the enemies while your mates take em' out!

This was my first guide, so thanks for reading. Please feel free to leave feedback.


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