Blitz Skaarf 2.1 by JonnyItaly

Blitz Skaarf 2.1

By: JonnyItaly
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2017
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Overwiew Top

This guide is for Blitz Mode only.

I decidet to do my first smal Guide for Blitz mode as it is less complex than a full guide.
So please be nice, as it is my first...

how to start Top

Buy Items as above (early game) and dont forget the flares, you will need them!
unlock all abilitys and overdrive Goop
Meet your alleys at the center and flare enemy bushes.

what to buy Top

it depends on your the enemy team:

do they target you first? by Slumbering Husk as soon as possible.
do they have a lot of burst damage? buy Crucible as soon as possible.
are they all CP or WP? by Aegis or Metal Jacket

and how you play:

Do you need extra healt? by War Treads
Do you always run out of energy? by Halcyon Chargers

how to play Top

this is general for Skaarf:

>always stay at the edge of a fight.
>check bushes with Spitfire.
>first Spitfire, if hit, Goop.
>use your Dragons Breath only if enemy has no stun availeable or if you have Crucible/ Aegis availeable.
>if enemy is meele, stay on your burning Goop, so he will burn by trying to kill you.

Why don´t buy Echo? the only Ability you would reset is Dragons Breath and you won´t have a big advantage using it twice rather than buying one additional Crystal or Health Item.

pro tip: you can set Goop on fire by hiting your Spitfire midair. -> it needs a little practice but its possible!

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