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By: Frost1022
Last Updated: Jan 31, 2017
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Captain Heros Top

Captain heros play an important role in the battle of the Halcyon Fold. Captain Heros include Flicker, Catherine, and Fortress. Captain Heros mainly prioritize on directing real-time team tactics and, most importantly, protecting your carry from harm. Flicker is a hero that priorities the protection of his allies while also dealing damage to enemies. When Flicker uses his ultimate ability "Mooncloak" all his allies with benefit from "Mooncloak" as well, this ultimate hides all allies, Flicker and his allies are hidden until they are hurt or deal damage to an enemy.

Flicker's Abilities Top

Flicker's three abilities are "Binding Light", "Fairy Dust", and "Mooncloack". Flicker's first ability "Binding Light" swarms fairies onto an area. "Binding Light" lasts for 2 seconds while dealing damage to enemies within it. Flicker's second ability is "Fairy Dust" swirls fairies around him. "Fairy Dust" lasts for 3 seconds while dealing damage while slowing enemies down. Flicker's ultimate ability is "Mooncloak" all allies are hidden, if allies use an ability, deal damage, or takes damage the "Mooncloak" ability wears down for that ally. Flicker's perk is "Willow Whisper", "Willow Whisper" activates when he is in the brush for 2 seconds while being hidden, Flicker can exit the the brush with stealth for 3 seconds.

Flicker Tips Top

Flicker is most effective when combining his abilities. Flicker can protect allies by using his ability "Fairy Dust" Flicker can predict the area where the enemy is going the can combine "Fairy Dust" with "Binding Light" because "Binding Light" roots enemies if they are in the area that the fairies swarm when the ability ends. "Mooncloak" can be used if allies are badly damaged to protect them, an important issue is Flicker stops for 1 second be for allies are hidden.

Captain Importance Top

The captain plays an important role when it comes to the battle of the Halcyon Fold. Captain will help their allies during battle to destroy the enemies Vain Crystal. Flicker, Catherine, Fortress, and Lyra can back up a Carry hero do perform a devastating push. Combing an Ace with the push of a Captain and Carry hero can destroy many turrets and be closer to a victory

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