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Cooldown Ringo

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Last Updated: Sep 2, 2014
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A Build by Vulcansaw Top

Note: This item build was originally created by player Vulcansaw in the official Vainglory forums. The author displays as VG COMMUNITY as part of a bulk migration of guides to VaingloryFire. Enjoy!

Build Top

- Shatterglass
- Clockwork
- Clockwork
- Crucible

Primary Purpose: Extremely high chance of a kill every minute( the time it takes for your ulti to charge)


-Allows for a quick push win( having your ulti to charge up once every minute only means one less tower defender every minute)
-Is already strong early game
-Poke damage poke damage poke damage everywhere
-Clutch escapes becomes more frequent than ever
-Infinite twirling silver
-Superb mana recovery
-Still effective even in the face of an Aegis, though significantly less stronger
-Crystal power is so much one ulti can deal at most 1250 damage total
-Chase down enemies effectively


-Reflex block
-Duo or Trio kill is rare
-Often cannot get a kill solo because enemies group together and Ringo cannot approach them solo

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