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CP Alpha Guide

By: PageNayshBruh
Last Updated: Jan 31, 2017
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Hello all, today I'm going to give a guide for cp alpha. So hopefully by the end you all at the very least have a good grasp on how to use her. We're going to start off with what heroes pair really well with Alpha. Adagio, Lyra and Ardan all help her immensely with heals/barriers/buffs. At the very beginning of the match you want to start with a crystal bit, swift shooter,and a point in your B. the swift shooter will help your B keep off cooldown for some early aggression. You can contest the elder treant against comps so don't be afraid to take it!

From there you just want to farm until the shops open and you can buy aftershock. From here you can start to be very aggressive alpha is a mid game hero. Buy boots and tier 1 defense from there then work towards broken myth. Once you get your broken myth the enemies will likely have a very tough time dealing with you. Proceed to get aegis and metal jacket/atlas pauldron depending on if any of the enemies need to be atlased. Here's where you get more choice with alpha alternating current, poisoned shiv, and shatterglass are all great items on Alpha. Personally I like shatterglass on glass cannons, poisoned shiv on tanky heroes with lifesteal(Like Krul, Glaive. Blackfeather), and alternating current on other slow heroes).

In teamfights you want to be sure to open up with B. Your A is an amazing gap closer and does insane damage if you have all your stacks on your B built up. Only use your ult when you absolutely need to. Run if you can't kill the enemies with it but if you can stick to them it can deal a lot of damage.

I climbed through T7 with only two losses playing alpha she is in my honest opinion the best jungler right now. Just avoid skye and reim(:

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