Drunk Ringo 2.0 by Zyronl

Drunk Ringo 2.0

By: Zyronl
Last Updated: Sep 5, 2014
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A Guide by Zyronl Top

Note: This guide was originally created by player Vulcansaw in the official Vainglory forums. The author displays as VG COMMUNITY as part of a bulk migration of guides to VaingloryFire. Enjoy!

Intro Top

Hello!! This is inspired by a lot people who made Ringo guides and some items are even copyed. Making this as short as possible so people won't ' fall alseep '.

- Low health
- Untanky-ish ( UH DUH! )
- High damage burst
- Ranged
- Very good with poking

Build for Weapon Power: Top

Start with 2 Halcyon Potions, and Sprint Boots

1.ALWAYS, ALWAYS, Tension Bow first.
Part of getting it first is to make Vulcansaw mad. But the main reason is: Why not buy a item that gives about 100-200 damage burst on you first hit? Takes your enemies down easier, no need to rage that you can't kill them before they ran away.

2. I'll prefer to get Barbed Needle.
Why? Because it gives you life steal, Mr Smarty Pants. Some lifesteal is better than none at all.

3. Reflex Block
The one item that shuts down ultimates and maybe even some normal attacks so you can kill him before he kills you.

4. Serpent Mask
Gives more lifesteal and more weapon power, obviously...

5. Travel Boots
Great at chasing. Nothing else to say.

6. Sorrowblade
Ultimate item for ultimate high damage. Though if you need more damage, I suggest you get this before you get Serpent Mask.

7. Breaking Point

8. Crucible
I prefer to get that instead of Aegis, it gives you more health instead of being more tanky. Your choice.

Tactics: Top

In the early games, try to ALWAYS minimize the damage you take.

If jungling, move around and hit the minions with Twirling Silver every 1 second. By moving around and shooting, minions will have to walk to you to even hit you. So, little damage taken, fine.

BUT, if you are laning, WATCH OUT FOR SURROUNDINGS, YOU MAY NEVER KNOW A WILD KOSKHA MIGHT GANK YOU. Look out for bushes, if you feel like a millionaire, go ahead and buy some [scout traps]], place them at the three bushes you see in the picture. Top, bottom left and right. Also, look out for enemies suddenly going ahead, they will hit you once, you might say ' I only take 20 damage, I'll be fine! ' YEAH, OKAY. CONTINUE LIKE THAT AND YOU CONSTANTLY GET POKED, TAKE 300 DAMAGE, AND THATS ENOUGH TO KILL YOU. If enemies move closer, move back. Do not let them poke you. But of cause ranged skills such as Ringo's Achilles Shot can't be dodged.

Experience is more important than most peoples think off. I will include this ' Experience Topic ' in another Discussion, but try not to lane with another people. If somebody else lanes with you, best to just go jungle. Don't go near the other jungler if there is one, you share exp and both of you will level slower.

Back to tactics: Top

- Running and shooting helps a lot. When chasing enemies, side stepping helps much more. Here's how to do that:
1. Tap the ground beside the enemy.
2. Count a quick 1 Second.
3. Hit your enemy. You should be able to hit him.
This however, do not work if your enemy is able to outrun you.

- Using Hellfire Brew can help with stealing Important Objectives, like Kraken or Gold Mine.

- If you are targeted in a team fight, run away until they target another person. As Ringo, you must not be targeted and die easily as you have high burst damage.

Tips: Top

If you are outnumbered like 2 vs 3, or losing badly, YOU NEED THE KRAKEN. But DO NOT TRY IT IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHERE YOUR ENEMIES ARE. Buy a flare gun. Use it around Mid-Way. If they are hiding at a bush, run, because since your losing badly, they are probably fed. Besides, you guys aren't up for a fight after taking Some Kraken Hits.
Stealing Krakens can be useful, too. You can defend until they tries Kraken, then try steal. It can be risky, because you might not get it.

Pretty much it!! Many hearts to you if you read everything and thanks for reading! Now nobody will doubt anyone whose drunk.

P.S. Ringo 3.0 Might come!

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