Glaive Jungle Build 4.1 by MadGuyver

Glaive Jungle Build 4.1

By: MadGuyver
Last Updated: Mar 15, 2019
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Starting Out Top

Buy Stormguard Banner. Put your point in A first and shoot over the wall out of base to the red buff. Then rotate to Gold Oak. Taking out these two camps will make you level 2 and then drop your next point in his B. Then you may either rotate to top jungle for the double minion camps and onto blue buff, or look for the gank opportunity in Bot or Mid. Use your A to engage and punt your opponent towards your turret. Ideally, your laner will support the fight. Alternatively, punt the opponent away if your laner is too close and too low HP to help. Plant your scout cams on the entry ways to the river near Mid lane. That vision in my opinion is the best place to continually place your cams. That and on dragons when they spawn.

Early Game Top

Get some Tier 2 boots or better. You're useless as a Jungler if you're slow or dead. Boots helps to fix those issues. Just keep rotating through the camps. If you decided to help gank Bot lane, you may want to go across the river and take opponent's healer camp and then your own. By that time, your red buff and gold oak will likely be up again so that you can then rotate up to double minions and blue buff. Keep your eye on the map to see if you can gank an opponent that is pushed up to your turret by punting them back into it with your A. I usually don't get stormcrown so you can start building Spellsword first for the energy regen as you may realize that spamming your B ability & A ability while taking camps saps your energy.

PRO TIP: Use your A to leap walls to engage the camps quicker to get fed faster.

Mid Game Top

If you're doing it right, you should be pretty fed compared to the rest of your team/opponents with the kills/assists from ganks and Gold Oak grabs. You should have a Spellsword and Sorrowblade by now. If your team is ahead, keep buying WP. Go Tension bow next for the massive item spike potential. If your team is suffering a bit, you may want to look at some defensive items accordingly. If your opponents are buying attack speed/stack items, go Atlas Pauldrons to limit their stacks and make them fall back or risk getting out traded by you. If you play aggressive and A into team fights, get Slumbering Husk. If you keep getting stun locked, then go Reflex block into Aegis.

Late Game Top

This stage is all about situational awareness. Keep your cams on dragons or placed deep on opponent jungle choke points to watch enemy rotation. Try to stick together and help punt heavy hitters out of position either to protect your teammates or to punt them an easy kill.

At this stage, I would suggest that you possibly start buying infusions as the buff is too good for Glaive's abilities. You can single-handedly mow down enemy turrets and/or wreck the stacked up minion waves if a few seconds.

Sell your Stormguard Banner for either another defensive item or one of the situational WP items. Your lifesteal passive is already decent, but you may want a Poisoned Shiv to supplement the sustain, attack speed, and hinder opponents sustain.

Threats Top

Just watch out for the utility heroes. Don't get stunned to death.

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