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God-like SAW!

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A Guide by RaikeZ Top

Note: This guide was originally created by player RaikeZ in the official Vainglory forums. The author displays as VG COMMUNITY as part of a bulk migration of guides to VaingloryFire. Enjoy!

Introduction Top

Hello glorious people ! SAW is an awesome hero with amazing skills and does the most damage compared to the others. SAW might be a little slow but with Roadie Run he can win any sprint! He is definetely a fun hero to use. He is actually a charming prince in disguise fighting for justice.


1. High basic damage.
2. Can win any solo or team matches if skills are used properly.
3. He can run like the wind!
4. Easily destroy towers.
5. Independent hero, does not need much support from team.

So, Weapon build or Crystal build? So basicly a Weapon build does the most damage when 12 Spin Up are gathered .Thus, they need to use Suppressing Fire first. After using your weak Suppressing Fire , your mobility decreases allowing your enemies to have a quick picnic with Kraken.So, Crystal build is better and basic attacks are as good as a Weapon builder with Alternating Current.


Upgrade Supressing Fire first because that's just how you roll. Go to the lane and focus on farming and position your Supressing Fire well to hit both the creeps and enemies. However, always remember not to use Supressing Fire when you are alone against 2 enemies as you will be vulnerable when using that skill. Also bring lots of potions for energy !

- Crystal Bit

Because it's cute. This will also give you that extra damage when using Supressing Fire.

- Halcyon Potion(2)

When your health or energy is almost half use this. Also remember not to overuse your energy cause there will be those moments when you really need them.


Your Supressing Fire should be maxed first but get Roadie Run at level 2 for chasing and escaping.

- Sprint Boots

With this and Roadie Run you won't need a car.

- Shatterglass

Yes yes shatter them ! With this , your Supressing Fire will cut your enemies' health into half and you can easily finish them with Roadie Run.

- Alternating Current

Muahahahaha , now your skills and basic attacks hurt! With this item your ultimate skill will be feared and you can now start taking down towers.

- Clockwork

More skills ! Essential for escaping and killing plus that energy recharge is just what you need to keep your enemies away.


Your skills are now spammable .You can use your ultimate while going to base or shop to let your cooldown run so more critical bullets for you. You can also use Roadie Run to go anywhere you want to save time. You are hyperactive so just use your energy!

- Shatterglass

Some people may go for Broken Myth for the shield pierce but Shatterglass improves Crystal Power greatly resulting in deathly skills and basic attacks since you have Alternating Current.

- Crucible

Gives you amazing health that sustains you in battle.

- Clockwork -> Shatterglass / Eve of Harvest ( Optional)

If you need to solo Kraken get Eve of Harvest. If you need to kick your enemies butt get another Shatterglass. Only substitute Clockwork with these items near the ending of the game as you will now be approaching the enemies as a team so you won't need to spam your skills. If you have extra money left upgrade your boots. May the masked man mask his enemies with fear !


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