In-Depth CP Jungle Alpha (Update 2.2) by RedToWhite

In-Depth CP Jungle Alpha (Update 2.2)

By: RedToWhite
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2017
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Hi guys, I'm a jungle main from SEA and this is a guide I have created for one of my favorite/most used heroes in the game, Alpha. After all my games, this is in my opinion the optimal build to go for. CP Alpha is an incredibly strong hero in general when played right. It is hard to bring down (when built with sufficient defense, coupled with infinite reboot), outputs high amounts of damage in a team fight and has great mobility to chase down enemy heroes due to core charge and prime directive. She is most effective when the enemy team has little or no disables, giving her free reign during a team fight to build up core charge and broken myth stacks.


- Hard to Bring Down with essentially almost 3 lives if rebooted successfully (1 Life + barrier when triggering Termination Protocol + 2nd Life)
- High Offense Mobility which also results in great chasing capabilities using Core Charge and Prime Directive
- High Sustained Damage Output (All her abilities have good crystal ratio and high base damage, especially if you manages to land her ult successfully)

- Needs to be constantly attacking in order to keep using Core Charge during a fight. Hence enemy heroes with high mobility might prove to be a problem if both Core Charge and Prime Directive is on cool down.
- Weak Defensive Mobility for escape purposes because both her re-positioning abilities requires an enemy target to jump to
- Weak against CCs and may die quickly if stunned/silenced before being able to trigger Termination Protocol

Abilities In-Depth Top

Infinite Reboot
Although Alpha is a pretty squishy hero, this heroic perk, when used correctly with her ult Termination Protocol and sufficient defense items is what makes Alpha a pain in the *** to bring down due to the amount of abilities and attacks you will have to throw at her to take her out of the fight for good. After you have purchased good defensive items on Alpha, it can be surprisingly hard to take her out of her reboot, and granting her a 2nd life. If possible, reboot in a brush so that it is harder for enemy heroes to start dealing damage. This could be a difference between being able to reboot successfully and not.

Prime Directive
Kind of your finisher move. Remember that it deals more damage the more Core Overload stacks you have so if able to, use if after accumulating 3 stacks of Core Overload for maximum damage output out of this ability. It also removes the negative effects of the Core Overload stacks. This is Alpha's best tool to catch up to enemies because of its range although it requires some practice to land it consistently. When Overdrived, it gives this ability even more range which is why I recommend overdriving this ability over her ult. (Will be further covered in depth later on in the guide).

Core Charge
In my opinion Alpha's Bread and Butter skill. This is the ability that you will use the most during the course of the game and is also what you will be mainly using to clear the jungle. The attack in this ability will proc Aftershock as well, giving even more damage output and lets you make use of the lifesteal component of the ability as well, although the lifesteal is no where as great as what you get from WP Alpha. It gives 1 Core Overload stack every time Alpha uses it. Core Charge can output heavy amounts of damage especially when the Core Overload stacks are built up and this interaction also synergies very well with Broken Myth, giving you more damage as the fight goes on. Lastly, the cooldown of this ability is reduced by 1 second with every basic attack (1.2 when overdrived). By basic attacking, you will also be refreshing the duration of the Core Overload stacks. Alternating Current is a good 3rd crystal item choice due to the attack speed it provides because of these reasons. (Mainly for the cooldown reduction for Core Charge)

Termination Protocol
Turns you into a ticking time bomb. The barrier and move speed provided when activated can be really useful as well during a team fight. Normally in a team fight, I like to use it as like a second life instead of just using it for the (immense btw) AOE damage output. Trigger it when your HP gets low and continue using Core Charge until you know that it is about to explode. It will be wiser to save your Prime Directive till the last moment before you use it to launch yourself to the enemy hero(es) and explode the AOE damage on them. By then you should have a decent amount of Broken Myth stacks so the explosion will deal a HUGE amount of damage to your opponents. Against opponents that have a lot of CCs and disables, you might want to use this ability a little earlier in case they stun or silence you at the very last moment.

Item Choices In-Depth Top

Preferably your first item to get. Generally by minute 4, you should be able to purchase this and tier 1 boots by the jungle shop. If all goes well, you should be level 6 by now and have Termination Protocol available as well. Coupled with tier 1 defenses, around this timing will be CP Alpha's first peak of the game. Core Charge procs Aftershock and this will be a great boost to your damage output. It also allows you to lifesteal off Core Charge giving you more sustain during team fights especially during the late game when the additional damage that Aftershock provides becomes more significant. This added survivability allows Alpha to get more Broken Myth and Core Overload stacks for increased damage output as the fight progresses.

This item, coupled with Aftershock and Crystal Infusion is really all the damage items you need to last you till end game. Only start finishing Broken Myth after getting at least tier 2 defenses, boots and your reflex block unless you are really not dying in fights and the enemy team has no CC/disables. This item synergises very well with Alpha's kit. E.g.(1. Continuous Core Charge usage for more Core Overload stacks also results in gathering Broken Myth stacks for further increase of damage output.) (2. Producing Broken Myth stacks + Core Overload stacks -> Prime Directive -> Termination Protocol.)

Defense items goes a long way for Alpha due to its heroic perk Infinite Reboot. It makes the enemy harder to knock Alpha out of its reboot phase therefore increasing your chance of getting a successful reboot off. Furthermore, since Alpha can potentially have more than 1 life, buying defense also increases your overall EHP (Effective HP) by a long way. It helps you stay in the fight longer to get up those Core Overload and Broken Myth stacks in order to deal heavy amounts of damage to the enemy team. Get the Atlas Pauldron over the Metal Jacket if your opponent's WP carry is giving you trouble or if for some reason your Captain did not build one for the team. Alpha has a rather easy time using Atlas Pauldron due to having 2 gap closing abilities as well.

Both choices are fine depending on your needs. Journey Boots provides more chasing capability for Alpha to hunt down those highly mobile enemy heroes and prevents them from escaping by getting them in range of your Core Charge especially when you have already use your Prime Directive. Halcyon Chargers on the other hand provides you with a little more HP and CDR (Cooldown Reduction) to get your abilities out more frequently. However, I would normally favor the Journey Boots instead and try to reduce my Core Charge cooldown with attack speed through an Alternating Current. Also, the energy bonuses the Halcyon Chargers provides gives no real benefits to Alpha as Alpha does not require energy to use her skills.

These will normally be your last item to get during End Game to further boost your damage output. Alternating Current provides attack speed which allows you to get off more Core Charges and also boosts your basic attack damage a little bit. Shatterglass would be a good choice for a flat CP boost if you feel like you need to burst down your enemies more quickly.

Try to keep your infusion on at all times post level 10/ Kraken Spawn as usually you will be fighting a lot and the added bonuses the infusion provides is very significant to your overall damage output. You should not really prioritize this item at lower levels as it might hold back your item progression for quite a bit.

Additional Tips Top

- Core Charge is almost always overdrived due to its valuable extra benefits. Although most of the time I will recommend overdriving Prime Directive over Termination Protocol, you can also consider overdriving Termination Protocol instead for the additional damage on explosion and reduced cooldown it provides if you feel like the fights are happening more frequently than you have enough time for your Termination Protocol to go off cooldown and you find yourself in situations where you are forced to enter a fight with it on cooldown. It all depends on your individual play style and what works best for you.

- Prime Directive only affects enemy heroes, Turrets, Miners, the Crystal Sentry and jungle minions. So don't try to use it on the lane minions. When it lands on a target, Alpha will be propelled to the back of the target, relative to the direction you used the ability from. This can be useful especially to take down unsuspecting enemies on low health when they are near their turrets, or jungle minions etc. as long as you use the ability from the right direction.

- Although I mentioned earlier on that Alpha lacks escaping mobility, her abilities when used right can help you to loose pursuing enemies in certain situations. Prime Directive can get you over any walls as long as you hit a target at the opposite end, most notably used when trying to escape and there is a jungle camp available for you to jump to for example. Core Charge can also be used to achieve this although it has a limited range. However, remember that unlike Prime Directive, Core Charge can be used on enemy lane minions, so you have the extra benefit of being able to leap to one of them if needed.

End Notes Top

Thanks for reading till the end of my guide. I have been playing this game for 1 and a half month and have decided to try and create my first hero guide, as Alpha has been my go-to hero during my climb from t6 to t7 and this is what I have gathered so far from my games with this hero. I might have left some stuff out so if any of you guys have any suggestions or have found things that might be wrong, feel free to let me know so that I can improve upon this guide :) thanks a lot.

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