Jungle Ylva Guide (ver. 3.10) by Yggdrasill

Jungle Ylva Guide (ver. 3.10)

By: Yggdrasill
Last Updated: Mar 3, 2019
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Guide Creator Introduction Top

Hi guys! I'm DedSec19 of the Indigo Prophets Guild from the NA server. I started playing Vainglory when Adagio was the newest hero, stopped playing because I needed storage, then haven't stopped playing ever since 2016. I usually play jungle and mid lane so I am familiar with the workings of a jungler. I apologise since this is my first guide but I hope this guide would be able to help people understand how to play Ylva more.

This guide is to help people who are familiar but not quite confident with jungling. This should not be followed by a person who is just starting Vainglory and should familiarize themselves first with the jungle.

Jungle Rotations Top

Ylva should start off at the gold treant, then red buff, and get the barrier treant. By the time she finishes the three camps, she should be at level 2 and be able to help out with bottom. Help bottom to harass the enemy hero a bit or possibly secure a kill. Head on to the enemy's barrier treant and only kill the treant.

After that, rotate to your blue buff and the two other jungles at top (be stern with your team and let them know that you need your jungles unless they are the brink of death, oof). By the time you finish your rotations, you have a bit of time left before the river shop appears so you can help out the other lanes shortly.

Once you are done, repeat the process.

Item Explanation Top

You should get Stormguard Banner first since in this update (ver. 3.10), they made the jungle monsters more durable but buffed the said item a lot.

River Shop
Ylva needs Journey Boots because she lacks mobility and she should be able to land her A because of the 30% movement speed reduction while charging. The Hourglass is needed to help with the cooldown and also to finish with a Stormcrown .

Shatterglass is to help boost her Stun A->B combo. The Stormcrown is so that you can clear your jungles much faster and to help out mid to late game with capturing Ghostwing or Blackclaw. Chronograph is to help complete with a Clockwork .

Late Game
Clockwork helps Ylva use her abilities much faster and you don't need to get more cooldown reduction or mana items for Ylva since her abilities cost little mana after Clockwork . Spellfire is to help finish off heroes that have sustain and also heroes that escape Ylva. Broken Myth is needed to help pierce through enemy shields. That's it to be honest.

Don't Get
Aftershock doesn't contribute much damage against heroes after the nerf from 25% max health damage to 10% damage. Ylva doesn't need sustain since she's an assassin and her role is to deal as much damage in the shortest amount of time as possible and yeet to the back, wait for her cooldowns, then rejoin the teamfight. Attack speed ( Alternating Current ) is useless for Ylva since she relies on her abilities not her basic attacks. Ylva usually has no need for slows from Frostburn because of the CC that her A and Ultimate provides.

Combo (it's hella short) Top

As much as possible try to fully charge her Charge Shot to get her stun and follow up with her Crimson Fang to maximise the extra damage against the immobilized enemy and get the bonus attack and move speed. Occasionally drop a Binding Mine when jingling or when a team fight is about to go down in order to prevent gankers from initiating the fight or prevent enemies from fleeing.

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