Killa-Joule Thunderstrike Build by RITS

Killa-Joule Thunderstrike Build

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2015
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Killa-Joule Weapon Build Top

Joule is the unicorn of this game imo. Shes been given every characteristic a hero can possibly have. Shes tanky, does insane damage close and long range, all her abilities have both one target damage as well as aoe and she has an escape option. Plus, shes just as viable building her weapon or crystal damage. So! I built this guide anchoring itself around thunderstrike. With this guide Ive been able to duel even with Krul and have been able to handle my own in 1 vs many(reference to Sachi Faker if any one is familiar with TOG : ). Yeah, I think shes the hidden unicorn in this game if you know how to build her, so trust me, there is no better way of building her.

Why weapon beats crystal/hybrid joule. Top

This guide is based around thunderstrike and maximizing it. It deals both crystal and weapon damage and can be used every other basic attack with clockwork. So basically this feature turns your real damage dealing ability(cause rocket leap is utility based and her ult is unreliable and cant be used often) far more efficient if you build weapon power. It synchronizes so well with a weapon lifesteal far better than a crystal based lifesteal will and takes less time to build it effectivily so you can push from early on in the game.

Serpents Mask Top

You need to stay alive! Joule deals massive damage and her thunderstrike attack counts as half weapon damage so you get lifesteal from it. Joule is most effective at the lane when you are at the edge of a battle popping in and out to poke with thunderstrike (Heres a tip, thunderstrikes range extends slightly over its circle of radius) so while you pop out you can replenish your health by attacking minions so when you decide to commit to a duel (maybe with a Rocket Leap) your opponent will be at 50% health while you are at 100%. And if you don’t have the luxury of popping in and out of battle but are stuck right in the middle, you need to stay alive. You already do massive damage so this will keep you going.

Clockwork Top

You need this for one reason and one reason only, thunderstrike. With thunderstrikes cooldown being so slow, you cant use it every other basic attack so this is crucial for it and also youll get to use your ult every 45 seconds how awesome is that?

Sorrowblade Top

So you have lifesteal, but no weapon damage. Well duhh, get a sorrowblade.

Once you have these three items, you can start building all three of the remaining items at the same time.

Frostburn Top

The bad thing about being deadly, is that no one wants to play with you. So many time I lost an ace opportunity because my prey outran me.

(Insert Defensive item here) Top

Part of the reason serpents mask works so well even at the beginning though you don’t get much damage from it is besides the fact that Joule hits hard thanks to thunderstrike is also her heros perk. So we need to maximize it to increase the synergy of her abilities. Armor and shield works best for this so depending on your enemies build choose one.

Abilities Top

Rocket Leap
A very utility oriented ability I never use against the following opponents unless I see the ult coming out(Adagio, Skaarf, Rona). Time it well and itll knock there momentum better than any other stun since you don’t have to be close to use it and can be used while running away to really surprise them. I see often people use it to jump right in the middle of battle at the start, but this puts a big target on your back so unless you have a super tanky build or you teammates are about to die don’t use it early. Its more effective to use it as a compliment in battle, with joule positioning is so important that you don’t ever want to be right in the middle of a fight so use it at the edges to separate your teammates from the fight and to shift the battle from one side to another and suddenly gank up on someone. A beautiful combo but that is hard to pull off is to rocket leap in a bush near the kraken than release your ult. Youll die fore sure but you can guarantee a 3 for 1 exchange and a kraken if there all tight in the bush.

Your bread and butter. Does so much damage its unbelievable and scales so well with both crystal and weapon damage. Using it well will make or break you. Practice catching fish barhanded in a stream if you wish to perfect thunderstrike young grasshopper.

Big Red Button
Dosent that name just get you excited? Snipers rejoice! Her reach extends farther than the screen so you can run but you cant hide. Can be very useful to steal(or to asure) a kraken from an enemy so never use it past minute 13.

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