Killer Samuel WP 1.21 by Supersub

Killer Samuel WP 1.21

By: Supersub
Last Updated: Aug 19, 2016
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Samuel might be the cool new mage but he is not an easy character to use with, especially his unique skills where he is more of a paper and be killed easily.

Alot of people use CP because of his bonus dmg and so on but tried killing a creep in the jungle midgame, your enemy probably laughing at you while waiting to gank you and its hard for you to run away if you dont have travel boots, but on the other hand if your using WP creeps are nothing to you especially when you hit it fast and extra bonus every 6 second.

Honestly to play samuel you need to know how to kite the enemy but make sure they arent any enemy hiding in the other bush, and chasing enemy would be easy for him and to finish them off, on the other hand if he get chased your dead.

For his first skill, if your pro at skye this would be so easy for you to use it, he can shoot twice while moving at a faster speed for a second and he can even aim anywhere and still move around 360, best is to chased enemy and last hit with this skill, or just plain annoy your enemy.

The second skill, honestly it doesnt scared me even if your samuel using it but its a good distraction and the best when your using it while your enemy is running away combo with the first skill, it does great damage, splash, faster attack speed and faster cool down, only problem is lane creep or any creep blocking your way.

The final skill which is almost the same as Reim ulti, instead of stun it sleep your enemy for 2 to 3 second depend on your skill level and it does minor damage that might be nothing to deal much but its something and its the hardest to use as if you use it to early your enemy probably awake by the time you reach them as it takes 1 to 2 second before it activate which your enemy could walk out of the sleeping skill, try to use when your enemy is all together.

Why WP since recommended item is CP?

Easy because every character you would want to try the best of their skill and damage that could be done and i found out this is a good way to deal damage strong and effective only problem is can you survive without feeding too much since samuel is new and everyone would like to test out a wp instead of the cp.

My advice always let the tanky go first when ganking or brawling you probably be dead in a second when you step out of the bush,never use your second skill if the enemy is so near to you, use the first skill to kite away, only use the second skill when you know they are away from you and your safe enough to survive for 3 second as it takes time to cast the moving AOE damage and if they are all together try to know where the enemy would be moving at then use your ulti, make sure aim the jungler and not the tanker first,

As i am still trying out more wp and cp items, i would say this is not the perfect built but its better then other WP so far and i believe higher damage output is much better then fast damage output for samuel, so give it a try, hope this helps for everyone and sorry for the horrible english, just writing whatever comes to my mind on my small phone.

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