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Early Game Top

Hi guys, this is my first thread so please bare with me. Koshka is by far one of my most favorite characters in the game. I have been playing with her from the launch of this game and I think I have some good knowledge to spread about her. I'm sure most of you have heard of this before. I'd figure ill just add my two cents.

I usually start my koshka build the same as always. I buy sprint boots as soon as the game starts and buy to Halcyon potions. I usually select pouncy fun as my first ability. From then I travel to the jungle and take out all of the minions in my side (depending on if there is another jungle character or not). I usually use up one Halcyon potion by then as well. By the time you clear out all the jungle minions on your side you should have around roughly 600 gold or more. From there I teleport back and I start my build for frostburn, which consists of the crystal bit and energy battery.

Mid Game Top

Once I spend my money I have my crystal bit, energy battery, sprint boots, and maybe one halcyon potion that I had previously bought. From there I usually travel back into the jungle and capture my team's mine as well as destroy some more minions, I occasionally travel back up into the grassy area around the lane to check on my teammates if they need help or not. Once I'm done with them I travel back and start "farming" with the minions for more gold. Once I have enough I teleport back to base to heal and recharge my CP and pick up an oakheart. I find this very helpful due to most jungle characters that I have played against do not buy this until later. I have found it useful on more than one occasion to buy this early on game. It helps you when you are trying to get away from characters and you can use that extra sprint before they can get that last kill shot, and also for when you catch an enemy in the jungle and 1v1 with them.

Core Top

By this point you should hopefully had enough to buy your frostburn ability. From there I usually find it good to go ahead and upgrade your boots because Koshka is all about getting in for the kill and getting out. It also helps you with speed and it gives you +150 Health which of course adds on to the oakheart you already have and a nice little +3 health regeneration, so now you may not have to travel back to base and you could still hide and wait in the jungle or destroy the minions. Also as always help your teammates when you can and always try to get minions. Attacking the gold mine with your teammates is always a plus as we all know. Once I have enough gold I then start looking at my cooldown time because we all know with every basic hit koshka lands it takes one second off your cooldown abilities so getting an hourglass or chronograph (if you have the money) will be extremely handy for dealing damage to enemies quicker. Also picking up a reflex block adds that +200 health and of courses makes you immune to abilities for a short period of time. I usually pick this up for me in the beginning and use it when I have to get away from enemies fast if I'm low on health and if they are trying to get that last kill with their ultimate.


Once I have bought those skills I usually farm until I can get enough to start working on my aftershock. At this point you should be powerful and fast enough to take out your enemies fast and stealthy. I take this time to take out more minions and enemies whenever you can, occasionally try to wonder over to the enemy's minion mine to try to capture it to help your teammates out. Once I have gotten aftershock, I work on getting crucible. I choose crucible because I consider myself a team player and this helps out a lot when it comes to 3v3 battles, this can be the difference between life and death and by this time in the game if one of your teammates die they could have up to about 30 seconds before they respawn. Once I have crucible knocked out I usually get chronograph if I don't have it already and after that I just work on getting more CP and buy a heavy prism just for OP basically.

Alternate Top

I have also found that instead of using a heavy prism you could work on getting a Tornado trigger to help your cooldown speed come back even faster. Anyways I hope you all enjoyed my build and thank you for taking the time out to read it. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to let me know. Thank you!

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