Killa Crystal Koshka (with example videos) by Tinmut

Killa Crystal Koshka (with example videos)

By: Tinmut
Last Updated: Nov 2, 2014
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Why this build? Top

This build was initially inspired by the 'Godlike Koshka' build by RaikeZ - but when I got into the match I couldn't fully remember what I had read and my own build evolved - similar and yet different and I think stronger.

The biggest difference is that I build a Clockwork in the late game whereas RaikeZ felt Koshka's cooldown reduction in her abilities was enough - I argue that by investing in Clockwork the reduction in cooldown makes a huge impact to the frequency you can use your abilities - seconds count when in amongst it.

You can see the core of this build at work in these matches

Highlights from this round were
6:30 - sniper pounce in & out
18:18 - Head to head Koshka's
21:26 - Koshka's round 2

Where do we start? Top

At the start of the game I will pick up Twirly Death and a Crystal Bit to assist me raiding gold from the mobs, especially the pairs of mobs for the extra gold. You might also want to get a few health potions to keep you going and less reliant on the single mobs healing you when you kill them.

As soon as I can I will then put a point into Pouncy Fun to help me when chasing a retreating hero, or ganking into the lane from the bushes if the opportunity presents. My main MO at this point is to keep farming the jungle mobs. A hot tip on the forums from PlayOffBeard is using the enemy minions for a quick escape pounce down the lane.

Next item from the shop should probably be the small battery, sometimes I might choose Hourglass at this point - but with increased cool down I will draw more energy, so a battery should probably be considered before the hourglass - but buy the Hourglass as soon as you can. If one of my colleagues feel they really want to farm jungle mobs as well I will often grab an Ironguard Contract to ensure I can be a team player and still earn a living.

Depending on your play style and how your team are playing you can either keep pouncing round the jungle and farming the mobs, or head to the lane to Twirly Death some minions and look for some hero gank opportunities.

If you can pounce and twirl an enemy for the kill it is OK to get a little closer to the turret than you might think because of the speed boost you get from hitting with Twirly Death. Just don't get greedy, you are very squishy and delicate at this point in the game so get in and out, give what damage you can but know when to run.

The middle game Top

As you farm more gold build towards an Aftershock - it will give you fast cooldown with crystal life steal. My next item I work towards is the Eve of Harvest to pump up my energy reserves and boost the life steal.

Now with your fast cooldown so you can spam your Twirly Death more often and your new lifesteal buffs you can start to go toe-to-toe with some potentially stronger foes and hold your own.

Depending on how your health is holding up you may wish to build towards a Crucible at this point, or if you want to amp up your damage a Frostburn. Frostburn has the added advantage of slowing enemies to help you get away if your life is dropping too fast.

I still have more cash? What do I do next Top

By now you are entering the late game, and if you’ve been doing it right you should be earning good money and often from hero kills.

Once I have my core items of Aftershock, Eve of Harvest, Crucible and Frostburn I will often start on Journey Boots (sometimes i might start this build before a full frostburn build to assist in getting in and out of tight scrapes).

I’ll often also pick up a Clockwork and stack an extra Chronograph to really amp-up my cooldown speed making Koshka truly terrifying.

The final result Top

The final result is a super speedy cat ninja with a lot of health, very high damage, almost constant attack via abilities and solid life steal.

This is by far my favourite build to play - as soon as I can get to my Aftershock and Eve of Harvest the halcyon fold better get real scared.

Try it yourself Top

Go ahead and try this build out - if you like it please come back and give it a thumbs up

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