The Complete Guide to...SQUIRREL!!! (new build added-3/19/15) by wolf_hands

The Complete Guide to...SQUIRREL!!! (new build added-3/19/15)

By: wolf_hands
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2015
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Welcome! Stay for a while :)

I was disappointed to not find a comprehensive guide for Koshka like there is for Glaive (by Sixx, check it out). While I am new, I want to be able to contribute an attempt at a complete guide to my favorite hero in the Halcyon Fold. I plan on updating and evolving any and all builds as players comment what worked best for them (and as the game is changed/balanced by the devs).

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Updates o(^_-)O

As of Jan 16, 2015
  • Added Tanksha build. Check it out!
As of Jan 16, 2015




Koshka is a melee assassin able to take out enemies before they can react. She can quickly turn a 2v1 into a 0v2 with Pouncy Fun, which allows you to jump over walls. Combo'ed with a quick Twirly Death your enemies will be left with only one option: throwing their iPad across the room.


Koshka's Heroic Perk. Grants bonus move speed, armor (defense against basic attacks), and shield (defense against abilties) whenever she strikes an enemy with an ability. Stacks up to 4 times.
Leap to target enemy dealing damage. Cooldown is reduced for every basic attack. Great for initiating an assassination and catching enemy heroes running away.
Koshka twirls hitting all enemies around her. She gains an attack boost for each enemy hit (up to 12). Cooldown is reduced for every basic attack. Great move for clearing out several low health enemy minions at once. Will most likely be your main damage dealer.
A stronger version of pouncey fun, Koshka leaps at her target, stuns them for the entire 2.2 sec duration. Cooldown is reduced for every basic attack. Yummy Catnip Frenzy is great for interrupting enemy heros' ultimates or for stopping enemy heros from running away, allowing teammates to catch up and help.

General strategy:

Koshka is relatively easy to play as, but harder to be useful in the end game if you've not properly equipped her. Burst damage and items that add to your burst damage are you friends. Learning other heroes' ultimate attack animations is key to playing Koshka to her full potental, whether it is to jump in to get a kill before the enemy hero can finish off an ally or interrupting them with Yummy Catnip Frenzy stun.

If you don't like playing in the jungle, Koshka may not be for you. She is meant to jump from bush to bush, rarely being seen, taking out oppenents who feel being alone in their early game is safe, while farming the jungle quickly. Late game is characterized by more farming of the jungle and fooling enemies into thinking they are having a 2v1 and turning it into a 0v2.

Key Tactics:

  • Farm, farm, and then farm some more! Being a lower level and squishy is not a good combination. Being a higher level and bursty is!
  • Keep a close eye on your allies. It's easy to focus on jungling and forget that your teammates need a little high energy help from time to time. Keep the momentum on your side by ambushing unsuspecting enemies who aren't aware of your location.
  • Kite enemies into Scout Trap to start a fight in your favor.
  • Scout Trap: They deserve their own bullet because of how underrated they are. Drop them in kitable paths and laugh at how easy it is kill your oppenents.
  • Boots are a must. Koshka is a melee hero and unable to finish kills or get away without some extra speed boosts, especially against ranged heros.
  • If you're having gold troubles, don't forget that you can buy Ironguard Contract and then sell it (by selecting it in the shop and pressing "sell" where "buy" usually is) later.


Crystal Ninja Koska

A sturdier version of most crystal Koshka builds, Crystal Ninja Koshka maximizes your lethality while still giving you the ability to get out of the fray unharmed. This build is meant to have more of a "team effort" focus. If you kite enemies to Scout Trap (starting the fight in your favor) you will still be able to solo enemy heros throughout the match. Select between Aegis, Metal Jacket, or Atlas Pauldron to counterbuild for your final slot.

Start with an Energy Battery and 2 Halcyon Potion. By mid-game you should have a few kills under your belt and started the foundation for each of the final build items ( Void Battery -- Travel Boots -- Chronograph -- Oakheart). Frostburn should be your first tier 3 item. The enemy movement slowing effect will allow you to close out the kill.

By the end game, you should be staying close to your allies, allowing them to initiate fights and helping them close it out. This is a great build for beginner Koshka players.


Weapon Frenzy Koska

Inspired by FreeWin's Weapon Attack Koshka, I have tweaked it slightly to be more offensive. Having a weapon counter build is important.

Start with a Weapon Blade. While Tension Bow is your first tier 3 priority, I would recommend having a Swift Shooter / Blazing Salvo to quickly build Tornado Trigger next. At this point you should be harassing enemy heroes more often.

Be careful, this build isn't as effective at farming experience in the early game. Counter that with an Ironguard Contract and then selling later when you need room.

Select between Crucible or Metal Jacket to counterbuild for your final slot.


Cornered Kitty Koska

This build is more advanced, making Koshka deadlier the lower her health. Where this build differs from Crystal Ninja Koshka is how it seemingly lacks defense. For you to take full advantage of Broken Myth you need to be okay not being at full health. At 50% health, you will have 40% shield pierce ((50*.5)+15). For enemy heros that rely on their defense as their main strength ( Joule, Catherine) you will only become more fatal as the fight goes on.

Without heavier defense items, this build relies on the health regen in fountain of renewel and Journey Boots to keep you alive while allowing you to bring out the full potential of Broken Myth. Most likely you'll be a high priority target, pop Fountain of Renewal when you see the crossheirs on your head.

If you haven't tried out Fountain of Renewal do it. It'll surprise you. Especially with the added health regen in Journey Boots. I think this build is quickly becoming my favorite.


Soulsucking Koska

All burst means more crystal lifesteal. The best defense is a good offense, they say. And Soulsucking Koshka delivers. Make sure you don't get ganked early; reaching level 12 quickly then harassing enemy heroes is the bread-and-butter for this build.

While Journey Boots are important in any melee hero build, getting in and out will be very important for Soulsucking Koshka. Her high initial burst wears off quickly. The lifesteal should allow you to jump into a fight missing some health. Just stay mindful of your squishiness.

Double stacking Shatterglass should keep you lethal enough for short fights. Make sure to watch your energy and to no engage if you are low on energy. After taking down your target, kite any remaining opponents to a turret or ally heroes.


Hybrid Vengeance Koska

After thinking about it, I wondered why I didn't have a hybrid build for Koshka. Now there is! Koshka has the highest base damage at lvl 12 when it comes to basic attacks. Tension Bow and Serpent Mask take advantage of that. Add in more burst damage from Aftershock and you should be having loads of fun pouncing! Just make sure to get Energy Battery/ Void Battery fairly quickly; no energy = no fun.

Did I mention that when you Twirly Death you don't have to target the enemy? This means you can run ahead of your target, Twirly Death, Frostburn will slow them down, and you should be able to get another hit or two in on them.

Hybrid Vengeance relies on the element of surprise. Roam the map, kill your enemies before they know what happened, and go back to farming.

Notice that this build doesn't max out Yummy Catnip Frenzy? That's because for this build the constant damage output from your A and B slot abilities will allow you to be useful without your ultimate. More damage in each encounter is what this build is for.



For anyone looking to stay alive longer as Koshka, this is the build for you. Don't fret that there's only one offensive item (Aftershock). It'll do magic for you, while everything else will keep you alive long enough to jump in and out of the fray several times.

Everyone should already be using potions and traps, but if you're not, this is a friendly reminder that they're awesome enough to be counted as a core item for Koshka. If you're having trouble farming, don't be afraid to pick up an Ironguard Contract.

As a tank build, always be looking out for what the enemy is building. If the entire opposing team is WP, don't build that Aegis. You'll often see high Elo players carry two Reflex Blocks and it's a great idea. Gives you two shields and twice the chances of surviving. Pick up a Crystal Infusion to help push in late game.


A Look at T3 Ability Items and Koshka

Aftershock is a great all-around item for Koshka, giving bonuses to crystal power, energy regen, and your cooldown acceleration. With its passive, Aftershock will even allow you to be burstier and more sustainable with it's lifesteal. If you're stacking crystal power note that the lifesteal is based off the basic attack AFTER your abilty, not the damage done BY the ability. (It is called AFTERshock for a reason.)
Alternating Current screams to be used by Krul or maybe even Skaarf. But Koshka? Between the high(est T3 abilty item) cost and that you most likely will not be in the fray long enough to utilize its passive for more than one or two swipes, I don't always see the benefit. I would argue, though, that in the late game the extra damage can help take down opponents quicker, but I still wouldn't prioritize it over a defensive item if you need the added tankiness.
Broken Myth is all about that counterbuild. If you see your opponents stacking shield Broken Myth will cut through those defenses. Definitely a good item against a Catherine. Personally I like the low cost and that it makes me deadlier if I start an encounter with less than full health (beacuse of its passive).
Clockwork makes Koshkas cooldowns super short - every basic attack already lowers her abilities' cd by 2 seconds (1 for her ultimate). Just make sure you have the energy regen or max energy to be able to continuously use abilities.
Tied for the best energy regen and added max energy, Eve of Harvest also gives you a flat 25% lifesteal for all crystal damage done. ALL OF IT. Be aware, the added sustainability will not always mean victory in an encounter early on, but in the late game it can mean you stay alive. Stack those Shatterglass for even more lifestealing-ness.
Frostburn has been called a mid-game item that lags in the late game. I would agree, but if your team wins before opponents can get T3 items, why not pick it up? The added energy regen and max energy are a good deal for the cost. And although the slowing passive doesn't add damage, in team fights it can help your allies catch up and help for a kill.
Shatterglass will make all that burst damage even sweeter, adding straight up crystal power for just over 22 gold per crystal power. Make sure you have other T3 items first. The added benefits from other items wil be of greater use, then maxing out the potential damage is what Shatterglass is for.



Combining your ultimate with Adagio's is killer. You keep Adagio alive to channel his ultimate because of the stun in Yummy Catnip Frenzy (which is coincidentally 0.2 seconds longer than Verse of Judgement's cast time). Take down stronger enemies this way. Adagio also allows you to take on the lane, keping you healed with Gift of Fire.
Having a tankier teammate is awesome. Catherine's shield Stormguard is great cover for you to burst down targets. Paired with her merciless persuit enemies will have a hard time getting away alive.
Unskilled Glaive players can be a liability, leaving you to carry them through the early game. Otherwise it's great to run with a Glaive! Your combined burst damage will take down any enemy.
Another good tanky teammate. Keep an eye on her backside - she's vulnerable there. Joule is more damage oriented than Catherine so use that to your advantage; jump into the encounter quicker than you would with Catherine.
The two of you will most likely be jungling together. Smart opponents will go after him early. Stay close to him - the more you do for him in the early game the more he'll be able to do for you later.
I have mixed feelings about Petal. If she stays in the lane, levels quickly, and harasses often, you're golden. But all to often I've had them follow me into the jungle at the start of a match. Player error aside, Petal's bramblethorn seed are a good way to get some quick healing without popping a Halcyon Potion or teleporting back to the base. Her bramblethorn Munions can also help keep turrets and enemy minions off you.
Achilles Shot can be used to help you fall back behind your frontlines. If you see Ringo getting harassed early on, help him out so he's not level 9 while everyone else is 12.
A mix between a tank and a sniper, SAW is a great ally to have. He can take it and dish it out while you clean up anything he misses. Just make sure to not overextend, but rather stay close (i.e. if you're pushing the lane).
The high burst potential of a Koshka and Taka can be awe inspiring, just make sure you both are leveling up quickly and not stealing each other's jungle kills. If a Taka teammate insists on stealing your jungle kills, help out in the lane or venture into the enemies' jungle.



Wait until he's low on energy, he'll by easy to burst down. Watch out for Verse of Judgement, use Yummy Catnip Frenzy to break his casting.
With her stun and bubble, Catherine is smarter to take on with allies. If you must engage her, try to use you abilities while she doesn't have Stormguard active, you'll die from the damage that's deflected. Fountain of Renewal is a good counter to her bubble.
Built right Glaive can have as much burst as you. Watch out for the knockback on Afterburn, he'll most likely try to get you close to one of his turrets or allies.
Taking Joule head-on is a mistake because of her Heavy Plating. Let her target an ally and destroy her from behind.
Be ready to pop all your cooldowns. The victor will be whoever can pump out more dps. If she has teammates around, AVOID HER. You're too squishy to take on that amount of burst damage plus another enemy hero.
Take him down early and often. The harder it is for him to level in the early game the less useful he'll be when everyone else is level 12. Once he inevitably reaches level 12 make sure Krul doesn't get more than 3-4 stacks of his Spectral Smite on you. Krul is a great counter to Koshka, so tread with caution from mid-game on.
Ambush her for effective killing. If she is sitting on a bunch of her bramblethorn seed she'll be getting healing making her harder to take down. She may also use them for Spontaneous Combustion.
Easy to kill in the early game. Watch out for his ultimate, Hellfire Brew. It has no maximum range, so stun him with Yummy Catnip Frenzy to stay alive. Battling any ranged hero as Koshka means you need to know when to let your prey go.
Stay out of his supressing fire and stun him during his ultimate, Mad Cannon. His tankiness makes him one of the harder targets in a 1v1 encounter, as long as he's targeting something else he's a piece of cake. Use Broken Myth to go through his shield.
Proabaly the most frustrating opponent for Koshka. He has high burst, can run away with Kaku, and negate damage while in mid-air with Kaiten. Much smarter to take him on with allies.


Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading :) comment, add me in-game, or tweet at me; I use the handle wolf_hands for all three.

I hope this helps and I'd love to see how you've altered any of these builds to your own taste! If you would like me to add anything to this guide let me know, I have tons of free time at work :P

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