Koshka, Queen of the Jungle (2.1) by Goob3r

Koshka, Queen of the Jungle (2.1)

By: Goob3r
Last Updated: Feb 8, 2017
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Blissey123 (16) | February 5, 2017 12:55am
Amazing Guide! I would highly recommend. All that I suggest is that you might want to buy Shatterglass as one of your first tier 3 items instead of making it the last item you buy to take advantage of how strong you are early-mid game. But Supreme Guide. Hope you win. :)
Goob3r (1) | February 5, 2017 4:18pm
Thanks! I kinda wanted to do that with the Shatterglass, but I thought that maybe the AS, and BM would provide enough damage early game, but maybe I'll reconsider now. Thanks for opinion, and advice!
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