Machine gun Ringo by Lvnatic

Machine gun Ringo

By: Lvnatic
Last Updated: Aug 8, 2015
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Introduction Top

I'm making this guide from my ipad. It's not very confortable so I'm gonna keep it very short.
I used this build in my last games with ringo and he is like a mg3 machine gun. Overdrive B and A for slow and you're gonna eat the entire enemy team alive.
You hit so fast that you put SAW to shame (if you take him by surprise you can actually 1v1 him without problems). And you hit so hard that you put glaive to shame (even with a max stacked ulti, by the time they are done with all their skills, you are almost done killing them).

Short building order and tips Top

Start with the weapon blade and 2 potions. Use perk to crit the lane minions for last shot.
When you have enough money, head to the jungle shop and buy tier 1 boots, and the 2 tier two components for sorrowblade. If you have problems with some burst enemies, you should get Reflex block. If you can, rush sorrow blade and the 2 blazing salvos. With these 3 weapon items and a high lvl B you are already a major damage dealer.
From now on, you can either get a crucible or aegis if the enemy has dangerous CP builds, our you can buy tornado trigger and bonesaw.
Tyrant monocle should be bought as the last item and only if you have enough inventory space. Sometimes it's better to get a 2nd defensive item.

As for the gameplay, just stick behind your teammates and aim for the carry. Always play it safe. If they got taka and he hasn't engaged yet, he's probably waiting for you to show up. Instead, wait for him to make the first move and then engage with B.
Don't be afraid to 1vs1, you'll be amazed how effective you are.

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