My Own Ringo (Updated!) by ShoPau

My Own Ringo (Updated!)

By: ShoPau
Last Updated: Mar 15, 2015
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Build: Ringo Hybrid

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Joule Her Rocket Leap is just too annoying. (Unless you ARE Joule!) . Just her Rocket Leap.
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Celeste Watch out for her second ability (I dont know what its called) because it prevents you from doing your ultimate. Just watch out.( the circle stun thingy ability)
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Items Top

Since the new update, Frostburn's slow gets more slower if you build more crystal. So I replaced Tornado Trigger with Alternating Current. Also with Frostburn's Crystal Power increase, Hell Fire Brew would get a little bit stronger! And.....

......If higher attack speed with Alternating Current, Bonesaw and Sorrowblade would Deal LOTS of damage! (Including slows too!)

Fountain of Renewal, obviously, since Ringo is squishy.

Boots, FTW!

Tips Top

Only use Hell Fire Brew if the target has REALLY low health. Or else it would be a waste.

DO NOT use Twirling Silver whenever possible (early game) or else Energy would be wasted. (Or, if you replaced any of my items with Clockwork.

Adding Clockwork to this build makes Twirling Silver always active. And Clockwork now regenerates energy, which is really good.

So.. Yeah. Top

If you might think that these items are expensive, maybe it is. Just get a few kills and you would get richer.

Read my other guides too.

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