ringo CP long distance shooter by vote4anime

ringo CP long distance shooter

By: vote4anime
Last Updated: Apr 27, 2017
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early game explanation Top

this ringo build is for those who try to stay alive and stand at the back line, in early game this is a weak build since it does not have much wp. you need to be good at last hits in order for this build to good. you should reach somewhere around 20 last hits every 3-4 minutes, otherwise you won't reach your power spike fast enough

mid game gold and explanation Top

gold- roughly 5400.
you will rush shatterglass, you need fast CP damage. since your achilles shot is gonna be your main spell, for your damage we need to buff that spell up so you become a marksmen from a handgunner. remember this build is for those who wants to get kills safely not, run into enemy get a kill but also end up dead. this build, distance is key. your second item should be alternating current, so you need to work towards building it right as other heroes start to have damage, because without alternating current, your basic attack is **** and no one will fear you. you need enemies to fear you so that they will hesitate to approach you.

late game gold and explanation Top

gold- around 12000
i already explained the reason behind shatter glass and alternating current. aftershock is there because, late game enemy team captains and melee heroes will be tanky as hell, so in order to deal with those weebs initiating at you, you need to use achilles shot to slow them down then right click them to death. you don't have to worry about ranged enemy heroes since only no one will have such a long range like yours, you just need to use achilles shot and connect it with your ult, then all ranged enemies burn to death, or are too low to continue fight. finally you need to get crucible, without crucible you are a super squishy target. you would look like a juicy juicy steak in the eyes of enemy heroes, so you need to buff up your hp, thus the choice of crucible. actually aegis also works but, i prefer crucible since it gives 600 hp as well as reflex block.

situational items explanation Top

as you might have noticed there are only five core items, the last item should be situational, as no game is goes as planned. clockwork is probably the best option here, since it allows you to spam achilles shot. sorrow blade is there because, if you want to make your basic attacks even scarier that is the way to go. similar reason for tension bow, however, tension bow has an armor pierce and a passive that gives you bonus 180 damage every 6 seconds, and since you are in the back lines you won't be basic attacking much. the last choice was echo. reason??? just why not, seems fun.

creator's words of wisdom Top

hello hello, i am not a pro nor the best player in the world, though i do have some skills and experience in this game, my tier is simply amazing (name of the tier incase any of you didn't know). this build is what i use, by no mean is it the best build but it is really fun to play. this build is for those who plays safe since if you die a lot this build won't work. remember two things, always keep distance, unless you go full commando because, there is no way you will lose the game because, you have kracken and all three of your players are alive while only one enemy is standing, last hitting is crucial, (my average last hit in the end of the game is 200-220 in a 30-35 minutes game). finally this build was made just for fun and is my very first published build. well that's it for me. #road2unranked

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