Ringo, Twirl to win (WP guide) by Pentagonical

Ringo, Twirl to win (WP guide)

By: Pentagonical
Last Updated: Nov 28, 2016
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Blackfeather BF is kind of a pain in early game due to his A which just keeps hitting you Over and over again. My tip is to use you A on him when he takes a turret shot by lunging on you. then activate B and try to kill him.
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Baron Yaay its Baron...kill me if he goes WP cause then you're kinda screwed in late game. You should deal with him in early game to prevent him from getting strong.
Ringo Well skill match-up at its fullest. Try to get the first hit on him to win xD
  No Threat
Celeste Well.. this is almost GG for you. Celeste is such a strong pick due to her poke. Just try to not die in early game and when late game comes...you shoot the star queen down.
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SAW GG mate...this guy is your worst nightmare due to the insane attack speed he gets. If you see a SAW on the enemy team, try to get your team to gank him down so you may farm safely.
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Introduction Top

Hello Vainglory, My name is Pentagonic, I am a Europe played, currently not very high ranked because om my own reasons. *cough* School *cough* Anyways, Ringo was one of the first laners I played all since Version 1.05 Personally, I think Ringo is very underestimated, he has a very weak early game indeed but just you wait until late game arrives. If noone really paid much attention to the Ringo...you will now.

Why Ringo? Top

Why Ringo you may ask. I mean...you have the WP lane god SAW and CP Celeste to crush the enemy team instead right? Well here's a few things abut Ringo.

+High Burst damage
+His B can be used as a engage/disengage
+Easy to play at an average level
+Faster than SAW
+His A makes it easier to chase people

-Has a terrible early game
-As I said, HORRIBLE early game
-A bit harder to play him at a GOD tier

CP or WP? Top

Sooo Ringo works as both a Crystal laner and a Weapon Laner. I will now tell you some things about CP and WP Ringo


+High damage in teamfights
+Easier last hitting
+Easier to play overall
-Not as fun as CP
-CP Ringo is more rewarding in my opinion


+Higher single target damage
+Fun to play
-Harder to play than WP
-Your last hitting will be harder until mid game


Double Down

This ability is like...free damage if you're building WP, A crit on your next basic attack, whenever you kil something...that's dope.

A: Achilles Shot

This ability got everything you need for CP ringo, a slow,100% CP ratio, a low cooldown...In late game, this will act as a mini ult if going full CP. Get and max it 1st if CP and if WP get this at lv 2 and max it second instead of your ult.

B: Twirling Silver

Twirling silver is what makes WP Ringo such a pain. He simply goes in a teamfight, activates this and shreds health. This ability gives you extra attack speed an movement speed. But it gets better. It also deals crystal damage on your AA's during the ability. Get and Max this 1st if WP. If CP, get this at Lv 2 and DO NOT overdrive this ability

C: Hellfire Brew

Well...what more do you need as Ringo? A powerful ult which kills fleeing enemies! If you play CP...this ability is GOD. Use it on the enemy assasin/sniper and watch their health burn. Upgrade it whenever you can but only max it if you go CP or need this ability more frequently.

Good team comps Top

END! Top

I hope this guide helped you. It's my 1st guide so please tell me how to improve this guide in the comments. I would certainly not mind you voting this.Thank you very much!

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