STEAMROLL with Weapon Top Lane Lance by lintang88

STEAMROLL with Weapon Top Lane Lance

By: lintang88
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Build: Weapon Solo Top Lane Carry

Ability Path

Partisan's Technique
Heroic Perk
Gythian Wall
Combat Roll

Threat Meter

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Ardan You counter him hard. When Ardan goes for a Gauntlet or a vanguard use your Gythian Wall to counter it, or to just piss him off.
Petal Your perk makes her munions become mini health packs. Attack them all at once by using your Heroic Perk for extra sustain.
Adagio While being out of meta, He can be dangerous if you don't stun his ult. The best solution is to BURST him down.
Baron Easiest early game carry to deal with.
Celeste Easy to burst, just don't get stunned
Inara Does not pose much of a threat, just be careful when split pushing since she and her team can rotate easily(and fastly).
Ozo Meh, Stun him into walls. impale when he's not jumping. Your B can go through all of his abilities (except if he blocks it)
Rona Pretty easy to deal with, smack her to a wall and use your range advantage. Since she has high move speed post B, try not to instantly impale her..
Samuel You should easily dodge his A and his Ult. Be as Mobile as you can and don't get hit by his skills.
Skaarf Easy to burst down. With your ULT you should be able to easily dodge his spitfire's. Stun him if he channels ULT
Caine Actually easy, but his Triple tap, His Ult, and cooldown reset is annoying.
Flicker Annoying, his slows make him hard to deal with.
Joule Easy, but annoying Ult if she goes CP. a Weapon Joule can dish out decent damage when laning. keep your distance and dodge the Thunder Strikes!
Lyra Her Bright Bulwark is kinda tough to deal with. But other than that she wont do much
Reim Don't let him get close to you. If i'm not wrong, your melee out ranges his Root (B).
Alpha Very dangerous at Late Game, take caution and stick to tower when facing her. Stun her into tower range when she uses her A
Baptiste Annoying guy, be careful of his Ordained and stun him into tower when he engages. USe your Combat Roll to take position and avoid his Ult Fearsome Shade if possible.
Catherine Very tanky. she will stun, and silence you alot..
Grumpjaw Has a slow, but you can change his direction when charging. BEWARE of his ult
Krul Nasty 1v1 fighter, take extreme care when fighting with him. Use your melee range advantage to its limit to lock him down.
Ringo Becomes a Skill Match-up. Either he dodge's your impale, or You Land those impales. Your skill's will determine your victory in lane.
SAW Kinda dangerous i say. He has high attack speed which means high damage. SAW CAN out-damage you if you are reckless.
Silvernail Find creative ways to dodge his wire's, be UNPREDICTABLE. Landing your impale will make him slightly easier to fight against.
Tony Slam him into a wall after the 2nd punch on his A. This will need practice but it pays off.
Ylva DON'T GET STUNNED, avoid contact or force her to dive you since you can stun her afterwards.
Leo its kinda situational based on how good they use his kit. BUT! you can still knock him away when he uses his "Jet Cyclone"
Fortress Fortress is an annoying dog for sure. make sure to smash him into turret range if he dives you.
Grace Has a passive like lance which makes her a hard laning opponent. Keep track and care if she overdrives B, because it makes her immune to CC.
Kestrel Deals a lot of damage with her Glimmershots, watch out for her traps and don't get stunned by any chance.
Lorelai Avoid her stun with your Combat Roll. Her "Pools" can be very annoying with its slow.
San Feng Master of mind games. Be careful and take some distance if he has his B ready. Try to fake-out or cancel your attacks to bait his A (If the SanFeng is Good) When you reach level 6 it'll be more easy.
Yates Don't get pulled because it's obviously dangerous,
Anka Anka is hard to predict, and FasT. Locking her down would be hard, but you still can. A good tip is to get near walls and structures when hit by her Shimmer Blade. Burst, Stun and Outplay to win
Blackfeather Very Sticky and dangerous, but can be Bursted Down. Dont fight him for too long. Land your impales if possible.
Gwen Very Slippery and hard to land an impale on. Her Skedaddle makes her hard to lock down.
Koshka Very Fast with Nasty damage, if she dives you, stun her and come up with a strategy. Get Reflex Block if she reaches level 6.
Phinn THE finest Meat Shield. Very Tanky so don't target him. Try to be as mobile as possible to dodge his Quibble. tip: Combat Roll through him.
Skye Also a skill match-up. Landing an Impale on Skye is very hard because of her speed. Use minions as Meat Shields to avoid getting hit by her Forward Barrage
Vox A Good Vox will always dodge your impale, stun him into a wall to make your laning easier.
Idris A good Idris will be a tough opponent for you, because of his high damage, dashes, and his ult. Stay near walls for a chance to stun and lock him down.
Magnus OP boi, don't get marked at all costs since he can double mini stun you with his B. Engage on him when his B is on cooldown.
Churnwalker VERY Dangerous, when dealing with him quickly burst the carry, and get out. Because he is tanky and can disrupt your Impale trajectory.
Glaive Can easily out sustain a Lance. His Afterburn makes the lane very susceptible to ganks.
Kensei He will stick on you, and his barrier makes him hard to trade against. End the game as fast as possible and do not let him get fed.
Kinetic She got HEAVILY BUFFED for some reason, weird. Be careful of her late game potential .
Malene Very annoying with her Slipperiness. She has High Nuke damage with her combo which is dangerous. Get some defence
Reza Since he has a huge burst in this patch, don't get hit by his Scorcher. If you got hit by it, then get some distance and be careful of him diving.
Varya Very Slippery with high late game damage output but once you land your impale/stun, it's game over for her
Taka Very Slippery and fast. Good Taka player's will stick on you very close, his invisibility and Kaiten makes your life harder.

Table of Content Top

  1. Introduction
  2. When to Pick Lance
  3. When to NOT Pick Lance
  4. Abilities
  5. Comboes
  6. Useful Tips
  7. Strategies to SteamRoll your Lane
  8. Item Build and it's Time Stamps
  9. Lance's Worst Threats
  10. Lance's Best Allies

(Introduction) Who Is Lance? Can I Trust Lintang88's Guide? Top

Lance is a stunning, annoying, mobile character that does huge damage early game if played as Weapon Carry. Read his amazing lore at the Vainglory web.

(because its awesome)

Lance is a unique captain with a good sustain if played as a top lane Bruiser. This is all because the passive damage reduction that he gets form his B, and his Heroic Perk which allows him to attack all enemies in a straight line.

Lance is a hero with a linear root, and shield bash which stuns if the enemy collides with a structure. If a Top Lane Lance is able to snowball and crush his enemy laner, its pretty much over. Statistically he is tankier than Ardan, which makes him the perfect choice as a bruiser or a tank.
This is my first vaingloryfire post so it won't look very pretty because I need to use these codes which I am not used to. I am currently Tier 10 in 5v5 and Tier 9 in 3v3 at the SEA server, so.. Im pretty decent in short. I am also one of the many people who main and spam Lance in ranked games for huge solo carry potential!

Enjoy the guide and I hope this will be usefull for you to become a new Lance mains out there!

When to Pick Lance Top

Lance has good burst damage with his build and his kit. Even with the recent nerf on his weapon ratio’s Lance can still outperform many Top Laners and siege towers pretty fast. When picking Lance your biggest concern would be your skill.

What I mean is, you need to be able to land those crucial IMPALES. Impaling needs practice to land especially on bot lane carries. In this patch, they are pretty fast and slippery. You will also need a good understanding of how the top lane works in order to carry your whole team to victory.

This is what his kit provides:
  • AOE Damage
  • Mobility, that also allows him to go through walls
  • Significant Siege Potential
  • AOE Stun/Knock-back
  • CC Immunity if his B is Overdriven

If your team needs a hero that fits Lance’s Kit, then pick him up! It would be good if you tried him out in casual to practice last hitting minion, landing his impales on fast moving heroes, to practice how large his Gythian Wall arc is, to practice how far you can knock back the enemy (using the setting that allows you to see the modals of your abilities will help you even more)

Why to Not Pick Lance Top

This is what his kit Lacks:
  • Simplicity
  • Has a high skill cap
  • Cannot directly assist his team by barriers, heal, etc
When the jungler is already WP and the bot laner is also WP
Sometimes it would be a wise choice to just pick what your team needs, a good replacement for him can be his fellow Gythian Ally Grace. Because she can be more useful for the team, so rather than being selfish just be what they need and get showered by honors..

Abilities Top

In short, his attacks hits everything in a straight line. Has a stamina bar, and doesn't have scaling attack speed. You shouldn't worry to much about the stamina bar because it will always be enough.

[A] Impale
Lance impales in a straight line, all enemies hit will be rooted and damaged. If this ability hits one enemy Lance will recover. Overdriving this ability will refresh the cooldown of [C] Combat Roll.

Gythian Wall
Lance smashes/pushes all enemy units towards a selected direction. If the enemy hits a structure or wall, they will be stunned. This skill deals decent damage and becomes a nasty AOE stun if used correctly.

[c] Combat Roll
This ability makes Lance to roll to the selected location, after rolling Lance can attack faster with a higher damage. If you manage to land an [A] Impale that is overdriven, the cooldown of this ability will be refreshed.

Combos Top

a)For beginners, stun the enemy into the wall before trying to impale them.
This usually means a guaranteed [A] Impale.

b)After getting used to him, you should try to land an [A] Impale when the enemy wants to kill a minion.

c)Level 6 is Lance's Huge power spike, which means that he becomes very annoying and dangerous. Land your Impale, auto attack once, use [C] Combat Roll to reposition, attack your enemy once again, before smashing them into the wall with your Gythian Wall.

d)The Best Combo (which is the hardest one to execute) is unlocked at level 8, by “overdriving” [A] Impale. The combo goes like this, use [C] Combat Roll to re-position and gap close, Attack with empowered auto attack, Land your Impale to refresh your [C] Combat Roll, Attack your enemy again with the empowered auto attack. Smash them into the wall, and attack them again.

The last combo is hard to cleanly execute, but it gives soooooo much damage to the enemy bot lane

Game Winning Tips Top

1. When attacking minions, make sure to get a good enough angle. So you can damage to all of them in one hit. Depending on your strategy, you should find the best angle to damage enemy units.

2.[A] Impale makes Lance jump forward, before landing the skill. Which means that you must take some distance before deciding to use the skill, because of this skill-full enemy junglers would usually stick very close to you when attacking.

3. Gythian Wall has a wide 90 degree-ish angle. Bait enemies to fight near wall's so you can stun them into it. Which means that Lance will want to fight in a narrow area surrounded by walls, especially the jungle and close to turrets.

4.[C] Combat Roll can be used as a gap closer, a gap taker, and as a escape tool.
- Lance can use this to get closer to enemies.
- Lance can also use this to take some distance before trying to land a Impale.
- Even with his big size, Lance can escape easily once he reaches the jungle.

Strategies to SteamRoll your Lane Top

Yes, you do need strategies with this rolling boi. If you’re enemy laner is good at dodging your impales, then you should think twice and improve your predictions to impale and root them. By being able to accurately land your Impale’s, you will have more kill potential and you can potentially win a 1v1 since his [Impale deals a ton of damage in the early game.

When trying to attack or trading damage with your enemy, try your best to hit some minions too, since it will give you extra lifesteal that makes it into a positive trade. Thinning or damaging the caster/ranged minion is a good investment for some extra health, and to lower the damage received when trading.

DO NOT overextend when laning. If you aren’t snowballing and you do not know where the jungler is currently at. Since a gank could be dangerous because you would end up losing the upper hand against the enemy laner (except if you are level 6 and currently fed, but still tho that 1000 gold can be very game changing).

Items and it's Timestamps Top

Lance item build and time stamps
1)Start with Book of Eulogies and Weapon Blade (wp)
2) 0.40-0.1.00 Clear top healer camp. 2-3 Impales would be enough to speed up the process
3) At 7min you should at least have a Serpent Mask or at 4.30 if you have perfect CS with a couple of kills.
4) At 10 mins you should prioritise Journey Boots if the enemies are slippery, or a Reflex Block if you are facing a Heavy Stunner such as Koshka, or just save the money for Tension Bow
5) At 13 minutes you would probably finish Tension Bow if you aren't not buying any defensive items.
6). 17 minutes should be the point where you would at least have; Serpent Mask, Journey Boots, Reflex Block, and a Tension Bow.
7) If you are winning/Stomping your lane with perfect CS all of these items would be complete at 15 min or even less.

For defensive items you should go for:

-Slumbering Husk:
This is a MUST buy if they have a lot of Burst damage

Aegis or Crucible buy one of these if they have dangerous stuns
Single Target Stuns = Aegis
Area of Effect CC = Crucible

-Atlas Pauldron: ONLY buy If they have 2 or more Attack Speed carries

-Metal Jacket: Please buy this when they are all focusing you with 2 Weapon Carries

-Pulseweave: For more Wave Clear and Move speed (Not recomended)

-Celestial Shroud
Buy this if enemy has a Stun Train, Chain Stun compositions. Usually this team will have more than 3 stunners.

-Rook’s Decree
Good item only if you are only going to buy items that will give extra Max Health after finishing your core build

A nice item If you are going to be a 2nd support, and for more sustain in teamfights

Lance's Threats Top

Lance's Threats:
As a disclaimer, by what I mean with threats are enemies that you should be careful with. They are not an instant counter towards you, and you can still win against them. The problem is that you need to beware of them in some instances in the game.

a)Constant Threats: These Heroes are dangerous throughout the game, so please stay aware when they are present.
Churnwalker: His ability to change your positioning, and his heroic perk deals a lot of damage to you and your teammates.
Yates: His ability to pull you is obnoxious, avoid with positioning and constant rolling.
Catherine: Her ability to reflect damage, stun, and silence completely destroys your mobility.

Phinn: In the late game Phinn will stun you more frequently while also becoming harder to bring down.
Joule: CP Joule’s have dangerous late game Lasers, roll away immediately if you get hit, laning against Joule needs proper positioning.
Fortress: This dog will literally just jump on you and run away. Practice on how to smash him away before he bites you, or just shield yourslef to reduce damage.

Late Game Threats: These Heroes will pretty much defeat you and your team if they get a lead, or if they reach late game where they can farm up and outscale you
afterwards. When they reach the Late Game/ Fed state its pretty much game over. In order to win you must play macro to against them, or get a game changing team fight.
Celeste: Celeste will outscale you and win the game if it reaches late game. While also getting stronger and stronger by each item that she gets.
Gwen: This Bunny will just run so fast that it will become so hard to even lock her down. At late game she will blitz at the corners of the teamfight while also dishing out a ton of damage.
Kinetic: As we all know, kinetic has been recently buffed, and has a terrifying late game damage as she shreds through your health bar.
Anka: Anka is a CP Assasin that has high killing potential when she has all of her items complete. She will deal whopping Crystal damage towards you, and your allies.
Baron: Baron is hard to deal at late game. His double shot and his high burst damage from his items, he will blow you up before you realize it. Not to forget that he becomes even more mobile with his journey boots.
Skaarf: Late game skaarf’s are pesky, and very annoying. It will literally become spitfire hell, and his damage will increase each time it hits because of Dragon Eye.
Varya: Varya is a auto attack oriented midlane carry, which deals chain lighting damage to you and your allies. Even though it might not look much at first.. it builds up into huge damage
Caine: He can just execute you with his ult. His late game Triple Tap can deal a LOT of Damage towards his targets. With his ability to constantly refresh his abilities while also dashing, he becomes a notorious carry to deal with.
Kensei: You will absolutely deal NO damage against a fed Kensei. Only thing you can do is to deal damage and run away before he just destroys your health bar, and fight your remaining allies with full health

Early Game Threats: These heroes will make your early game phase feel like hell because they deal so much damage early game. By not giving up kill to them, or better get some kills off them you can win the laning phase. Most of these characters are played as junglers, so please put up some scout cam's to track them down.
[icon=Tony size=50 ]Tony: With the recent buffs to him, a Tony jungler can chain stun, and taunt you. This is obviously dangerous, but you dodge it even though it would need some practice. Smash him away if he gets too close.
Koshka: Koshka has high mobility with also damage. The best solution is to stay inside tower range and eventually stun her into your tower with gythian wall.
Malene: Malene’s skill’s and her combo has stupidly HIGH damage, and this can instantly melt you. Not only that, she can also effortlessly escape
Grumpjaw: This big animal will usually build tank items, this makes him hard to deal with. His slow and attack damage is enough to ruin your laning phase. Best option would be to smash him away when he uses his Grumpy
Ylva: She can easily deal high damage with her combo if you get a bit too close too her. If she visits your lane, there’s not much that you can do except for stunning her when she is charging her Charge Shot this is pretty much the only time where you can retaliate against her.
Taka: This ninja is very annoying, especially when played right. Taka players can (somehow) dodge your gythian wall and/or impale with their abilities. Set up vision to know when, he visits your lane.
Glaive: Notoriously known for his nasty afterburns, a seasoned Glaive player can just knock you out from the safety of your turret. Put scoutcams in bushes to know if he is going to attack you. Your best bet would be to just Gythian wall him away when he dives you with [[afterburn].

Lance's Best Allies Top

There are several Heroes that Lance synergies the best which are:
A. Tanky Frontline Jungler, and/or Support which are but not limited to:
- Ardan because how useful his kit is for your whole team.
- Phinn because of his AOE Crowd Controls such as his Quibble, Poliite Company, and his Forced Accord.
- Catherine Mostly good because of her early game pressure, and huge area Silence.
- Grumpjaw: his Heroic Perk makes him very hard to bring down, and coupled with his Stuffed you can isolate, and eliminate enemies easier..
- Grace SHe Smacc, She Attacc, but most importantly, she got Your bacc. Heals from Grace is proved to be live saving and her built in slows make landing your abilities much more easier.
- Churnwalker: Everyone knows that This guy synergies very well with almost anyone due to his tendency to spread damage all across the board.

B. There are also Junglers who benefit heavily from Lance’s ability to lock down an enemy hero, usually when you are a good Top lane you will be able to control the lane. This usually becomes an open invitation for both jungler to gank your lane. By giving some kills to your jungler they will be able to reach their powerspikes faster, and thus finishing the game faster. For an example there are:
- Ylva: Your Stun and Roots are basicly a free invitation for Ylva to destroy the opposing Bot Laner with huge nukes!
- Glaive: Glaive needs those Juicy Afterburn knockback angles to make the enemy even further away from the safety of their turret! Chain those abilities together and take that Top lane turret before 8 minutes to get that snowball ROLLING!
- Koshka: Koshka is Fast, but the faster she gets to level 6 the more efficient she will be!! Keep feeding her to unlock her full potential
- Reza: Reza with his single target nuke needs the enemy to be hit by his Firestarter in order to explode them afterwards, with Lance he can easily land those skillshots and get fed before the 10 minute mark1
- Anka: Big Burst with huge Aoe, Anka can easily clean up the teamfights that you start! Your Kit can make it easier for her to and her A Shimmer Blade.

C. Pretty much all laners work well with Lance because of his kit. But THE best laner would be those who have HUGE AOE damage, it would be better if they have some sort of stun/CC such as:
- Gwen: Big Nuke with a stun which is useful to focus down that pesky enemy carry
- Baron: his Double shot from his B gives him huge burst potential! Late Game Baron is a Monster and you Know it.
- Varya: Her chain lightning is straight up busted and OP, cover for her in the late game to see the enemies zapped to death!
- Celeste: Stuns and Huge AOE, perfect all rounder. Celeste is your dream girl and will easily finish teamfights in the late game.
- Silvernail: eventhough not receiving alot of spotlight, Silvernail can easily stand his own ground while slowing and stunning enemies that jump on him!

Thanks for reading! Top

well, I hope you all learnt something more about how to play/counter this rolling boi

i will further update this so it will match the Patches and look better.. Thanks for stopping by!

This will be constantly updated to match the patches ofc this will keep it relevant through the course of time

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