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All you need to know about Lance

By: Phoeking
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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Ardan As a roamer he shouldn't be much of a threat. If he drops his Gauntlet, you can use your Gythian Wall to push him out of it, and finish his ultimate. You can also escape his Gauntlet by using your B
Celeste Dodge her Heligenesis with Combat Roll and root her. If you have any gap closer hero it'll be easy to finish her
Ringo Meh. He is squishy, and weak early game. After getting Impale, gank him almost every jungle "lap", so he would remain weak as long as possible.
Glaive Glaive is usually played as a glass cannon. After stunning him, he won't be much of a problem. Prioritize him
Reim He is tanky as hell, but slow. To show his full potential he needs to engage in close-combat with melee hero. If you won't let him do that (rooting, pushing away), he shouldn't be a threat
SAW He is slow, thus easy to kill, but do not attack him, when there isn't any wall nearby to stun him, and he has full stacks. Make sure you have your carry to burst him down
Joule Combat Roll to dodge her ult, or just block it with Gythian Wall
Koshka Not really a threat if you'll lock her down with Gythain Wall or Impale, and use Crucible to block her ult.
Rona When she changes herself into whirlwind, push her away and Combat Roll away from her, so she will run out of Bloodrage
Adagio Always watch out for his ultimate. Try to quickly use Gythian Wall to stun him while he is channeling or use Crucible
Krul He is dangerous early-game, when you should avoid him. His main advantage is life-steal. Your carry should be able to finish him when he is stunned and can't heal up
Ozo His abilities bypass your shield (they aren't directional). He is a threat when able to deal damage (he is life-steal based). Interrupt him with Gythian Wall
Petal Smack her munions with your shield so they won't deal much damage. Oh, and you should use Gythian Wall any time you see her munions are about to explode. She is a good kiter, thus it's hard to Impale her
Skaarf Dodge his Goop and Spitfire, When he is channeling his ultimate, Combat Roll away, or disrupt it with Gythian Wall
Skye Use your Gythian Wall to block her Forward Barrage or just Combat Roll to the side to dodge it. She is vulnerable, but squishy, and can quickly reposition, preventing you from rooting her
Vox If played properly he will kite you, and deal damage to your whole team, so focus a bit, and use your skill to root him
Idris His mobility can prevent you from stunning/rooting him and he deals tons of damage
Alpha If played properly, Alpha can be really OP with her Core Charge. If there isn't any other damage carry, prioritize her. Keep in mind, that she is kind of weak early game
Blackfeather He is sneaky and his great mobility can make it harder to lock him down. He can slow you with his B, and quickly dash with him C. Always try to stun or root him first!
Baron His great range can make it difficult to close a gap and attack him. You should initiate the battle with him, rooting him hopefully and stunning
Catherine She does not deal much damage, but can silence or stun your allies (and you can't do much about it)
Kestrel Kestrel can be a pain in the ass. She will probably be able to disappear in a middle of the battle and stun you with her ability, dealing some damage to you and your teammates. Always block her ult!
Lance Lance is OP, so fighting him isn't fun. With his high HP be sure to grab Aftershock
Phinn Believe or not, but Phinn is a nightmare. He can stun you frequently, preventing from using your abilities and draw your allies toward him. Grab Aftershock
Taka He can dodge your Gythian Wall and your Impale, can deal huge damage and run away, after becoming invisible. Good strategy is to wait for him to use his combo (X-Retsu, Kaiten), then try to root him, and/or stun him, because he will hopefully stay in one place for a second

Table of content Top

Introduction Top

Lance is a new hero, introduced in 1.18
He seems to be a tanky protector, but do not underestimate him. He is able to swiftly dash through the battlefield, has excellent crowd control ability, can chase his opponents and finish them off, can deal some damage when enemies are busy trying to kill your teammates - and well... he can tank as well.

How one hero can do that much?
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Basics about Lance Top

His basic armor and shield are both high, equal to 100 at level 12. Average value for armor/shield within other heroes is about 81

This means that you don't really have to build much more armor/shield. Small additions from Fountain of Renewal or Atlas Pauldron can be sufficient in many cases. You can buy Metal Jacket or Aegis when at least two enemies are building WP or CP
His HP is high, equal to 2185 at level 12. Average value for HP within other heroes is about 1600 HP

With a few items that can easily exceed beyond the 3000 HP, so it takes time to kill you
His basic attack damage is pretty good as well, equal to 179 at level 12, while average is 141

This is helpful early game - a small damage difference can help you win a fight at level 2
His attack speed is weak and items with additional attack speed are only about half as strong as usual (tested a bit this issue)

So buying e.g. Tornado Trigger isn't the best choice
His attack range is awesome as a melee (same as Vox), and his basic attacks are able to damage multiple targets at once

That is why Lance is a great hero at solo lane, able to quickly earn lots of gold. Additionaly, Bonesaw may be a considerable option to buy, as you'd be able to shread armor of multiple enemies
Lance doesn't use energy, but stamina

It regenerates quickly, so after a brief moment you will always be able to use an ability. His cooldowns are pretty low, so buying Clockwork is a good idea, to keep them even lower

Abilities Top

Partisan's Technique

Lance's basic attacks damage every target along their path. However, his attacks are slow to land and attack speed is less effective on him.

Instead of energy, Lance uses stamina to activate his abilities. Purchasing items with energy and energy regeneration increases his stamina and stamina regeneration.

Max Stamina: 100 + 20% Max Energy
Stamina Regen: 15+50% Energy Regen


Lance strikes through his opponents, dealing weapon damage and rooting them in place (max 1.6 seconds). If this attack hits at least one enemy, Lance will immediately recover from the ability.

Overdrive: If this hits an enemy, it also resets the cooldown of Combat Roll.

Gythian Wall

Passive: Lance strafes around the enemy he has most recently attacked. While strafing, he reduces damage from the target's direction by up to 50%.

Active: Lance sweeps opponents away with his polearm, dealing weapon damage and also stunning them if they collide with a wall or structure (max 1.6 seconds). Afterward, he holds his shield steadfast, greatly reducing incoming damage from the target direction by up to 90%.

Both the passive and the active damage reduction are 50% effective against turrets.

Overdrive: While active, Lance ignores all debuffs (from any direction).

Combat Roll

Lance rolls in the target direction. His next basic attack within 2 seconds will strike quickly, dealing bonus crystal damage.

Item choice Top

All right guys, I will keep it short.
Lance is most efficient when playing as a protector and roamer. That means there isn't six-versatile-items build you can pick every battle. It ALL depends on whose is on the battlefield with you.

Now, a quick review on proposed ones:
You are a roamer, and you should focus on helping your team (even if you are capable of more). Fountain is crucial if you want to keep your buddies alive. Additionally, Lance doesn't have any HP regeneration, so passive from Lifespring helps greatly (I usually buy it on first shop visit). This is almost like a core-item
600 more HP and reflex block for your whole team. Your base armor and shield is high enough to absorb some damage, so you can focus on gaining HP. Reflex block is also great when fighting heroes like Adagio. If none of your enemies has really dangerous ability, you do not need it
30% cooldown reduction, some energy, health and true damage (it overpasses shield and armor!). A small bonus for someone who's basic attack doesn't deal much damage, and a huge boost against turrets, minions, Kraken etc. (lets you earn some gold in the jungle when fighting alone!)
It will help you deal additional damage with your abilities and it gives you damage reduction and longer stun from Gythian Wall, plus longer root from Impale
A must-have if you are fighting against Taka or Kestrel to reveal them (and really helpful in other cases). Energy regen and HP bonus are also cool, but what makes it great is additional 40% cooldown reduction
Reduces attack speed by 65%, for 5 sec in a small radius (so enemies will attack you just as fast as you do, lol). Buy when facing Krul, SAW, Rona or other enemy building attack speed.
For next 4 sec your basic attacks applies movement slow for 2 sec, and you get 500 HP. I love this item, because it it great when chasing enemies (rooting with Impale isn't always enough). Buy when facing some irritating kiter (such as Skye or Ringo). Remember that your basic attacks can hit multiple targets - and with Shiversteel you can slow even whole enemy team at once!
15% of enemy's max health is about 300 damage (and 150 HP heal to you). Small cooldown and energy regen bonus. Lance's cooldowns are pretty short, so you'll have plenty occasions to use Aftershock
Surely best item for ability-spamming. No other item gives this amount of cooldown reduction, energy and energy recharge. 30% CP amplify is a cool bonus
It a new item introduced in 2.0 update, and it offers some interesting features. With it you can silence all utility items of a hero for 5 seconds (40 sec cooldown). It is an option to consider when fighting against enemies relying greatly on utility items. Usually it should be used against their captain, to prevent him from using eg. Crucible when an ally Adagio is using his ultimate or Fountain of Renewal when enemies are low on health. Additionally, if you see that eg. CP Joule bought Echo and is using it to channel her ultimate twice a time, consider silencing her with Nullwave Gauntlet. It also offers some small cooldown reduction, energy regeneration and health, which is nice.
It depends on what enemies are building and what you bought earlier (e.g. Fountain of Renewal, gives additional 75 shield, so buying Aegis won't be a good idea unless there is heavy-crystal build within enemy's which gives you some beating).

Journey Boots for smaller cooldown on sprint, Halcyon Chargers for additional energy/cooldown on abilities, War Treads for whole team sprinting and 500 HP. Pick one which you prefer.

145% WP ration on Lance's Impale is an explanation
Great counter-item when your allies are morons and are both playing WP.
You can surprise enemies like Ringo with sudden damage burst (all right maybe not a great burst, he's a fkn protector, but you know what I mean)

Items howto Top


Yeah, you have to be prepared to save your allies, any way it is possible - by blocking Adagio's ultimate, by healing them when they are low-health. You should cover the map with scout traps, so every move of your enemies will be known. You always enter the bushes first, always escape last. Always try to attract enemies to yourself, so your allies won't be put in much danger. You should be tanky as hell. You should be your teammates' inventory and use your items when they need it. You should respond strategically to whatever enemy is building. You are not a damage carry, but you are carrying your team to the victory.
It is not easy task, but good support can change the course of battle

So now a bit of how-to pick items properly. During normal battle you should buy:

> 1-2 cooldown/energy items ( Clockwork, Contraption, Stormcrown, Aftershock, Nullwave Gauntlet)

> 1-2 damage-enhance items ( Stormcrown, Aftershock, Shatterglass, Sorrowblade, Tension Bow)

> BOOTS ( Journey Boots, Halcyon Chargers, War Treads)

> Counter/support items ( Aegis, Metal Jacket, Atlas Pauldron, Shiversteel, Fountain of Renewal, Crucible, Bonesaw, Nullwave Gauntlet)


> Lance greatly relies on his crowd-control abilities. He needs a bit of cooldown reduction and energy recharge. Keep in mind that when I say 1 or 2 items, I mean that you should pick them to have around 40-50% cooldown reduction. So just single Aftershock won't be sufficient, but single Clockwork would. Nullwave Gauntlet and Stormcrown would be good as well (55% cooldown reduction).

> Enemies usually don't attack captain-protector heroes, because they are hard to kill, and there is more dangerous carry to take care. This is where you can surprise them and win some 1v1 battles. Having Aftershock after enemies like Phinn is cool, while Stormcrown let's you quickly earn gold alone (very helpful) and take Kraken/turrets even quicker.


> Counter/support items are essential. Your carry won't be able to kill Taka if he'll disappear and you won't buy Contraption. Adagio's ultimate would harass your team if you won't buy Crucible and so on...

Remember - don't buy many items with "Activate" icon. Having eg. Crucible, Contraption, War Treads, Atlas Pauldron, Fountain of Renewal and Shiversteel will make it extremely difficult to use these items at proper moment. You may even find yourself activating them all at once if you panic at some situations!

You should probably have max. 3 activatable items!

So these are examples of my favorite builds:

General tactic, strategy, tips ect. Top

Start with Oakheart, 2x Halcyon Potion, Flare, Hourglass, and Gythian Wall and go to jungle. Halcyon Potions are to keep you full health, Flare if you are afraid of enemy invade. If enemy isn't invading your jungle just keep clearing your part of a jungle and you''l be fine. Don't go back to shop - that'll be waste of time. If enemy invaded your jungle and killed you - buy Flares and Scout Traps. You have to grant vision to your team, so you won't be surprised again. Keep in mind tha tLance is powerfull early game, and enemies won't usually invade when they see you. After 4 minutes, when the jungle shop spawns buy Lifespring and 5xScout Traps. Place them in bushes near your shop, bushes between your jungle and Gold Miner, and in the both double-minion spawn points. Now you'll know if enemy is approaching and if they are clearing your jungle.

If your laner is having a trouble go say "Hello" to him and help a bit. You can even try to ambush enemy laner with Impale, maybe that will secure a kill. If not, he'll be scared of going toward your turret.

I like to rush Stormcrown after Lifespring because it let's me clear jungle and lane efficiently when one of my allies died.
Anyway, even if you are not going for that item, try to get some for energy/cooldown reduction next. After that, you should probably finish Fountain of Renewal.

Lance is a good hero for early ambush. Even if I like to play him safe, at level 5-6 you can try to invade enemy's jungle, if your jungler is strong enough. Short cooldown on Impale and Gythian Wall really helps a lot. They won't run far away, and will get stunned every few seconds. If it turns out your jungler isn't as strong as he thought he is, stunning enemies will let him escape to the save position.

Reminder - always place scout traps in mentioned areas (and some additional in the lane if you want to).

I won't tell you how to use Lance's abilities - it is quite simple. If you have any experience playing roamers or Vainglory you know which heroes are dangerous for your teammates, and you should come up with an idea how to stop them.

Just remember:
-Your goal is to keep enemies away from your carry and close to you (unless for on team with Rona, and she's using her Red Mist, lol)
-Stunning them is always a good idea
-Rooting with Impale won't work if you are too close to the enemy
- Combat Roll is good for positioning/running away
-Block from Gythin Wall works at 360°, and has a small duration
-When full built you are able to escape from almost every fight
-When played properly you can give almost non chance for the enemy to escape
-Your damage output can be at least decent, and surprising
-Activating Fountain of Renewal when allies has 1 HP won't help them much when enemies are attacking them. Good way to save them is to activate Crucible, then FoR and War Threads (if you have these items)

Enemy counter items Top

Here I will try to recommend some items to counter another heroes.

Crucible to save your buddies from his ult
If played as WP and relies on attack speed, build Atlas Pauldron. If she goes full CP, her ult may cause tons of damage - think about buying Crucible. But tbh, she's hard to counter with items
Usually builds lots of HP items. Build Aftershock and maybe Crucible to let your allies escape from his ult (it's priceless). If he buys lot's of utility items consider Nullwave Gauntlet.
Crucible to counter his dangerous ult if he goes CP.
Hard to counter, really. Don't buy much HP as his Feint of Hearth is based on it's percentage.
Crucible to save buddies from stun/silence (timing requires a lot of skill tho). Aftershock if she builds HP, stun her all the time.
War Treads to close the gap to her if your allies are melee. She usually doesn't build much deff, so Sorrowblade is an option (early ganking is recommended).
Contraption all the way. Place Scout Traps everywhere, help your laner early when he is vulnerable to ganks
Hard to counter
If he relies on attack speed - Atlas Pauldron
If she doesn't build deff, go for Sorrowblade - Impale will deal tons of damage
If he goes WP with attack speed - Atlad Pauldron
Crucible against her ult if she goes CP! If she builds much deff try Bonesaw (she can have over 400 armor on her front)
Contraption! Crucible in an option against her ult.
Crucible to prevent her from stunning allies her ult (requires good timing). Don't build much HP if she goes for Aftershock
Atlas Pauldron and he is easy to kill
Aftershock is an option (if he goes HP that will really hurt him).
If she doesn't build deff - Sorrowblade.
Don't build much HP if he goes Aftershock. Crucible against his ult (it's not that hard to time is properly).
Build Sorrowblade/ Stormcrown to kill her Munions quickly
Aftershock all the way.
Hard to counter
Atlas Pauldron and War Treads
He probably won't build much deff. Build some WP and gank him from early game. If he goes CP - Crucible to protect teammates from his ult
Crucible against his ult may be an option but he is hard to counter. War Treads to chase him!
Atlas Pauldron if he goes WP
Hard to counter - I only recommend War Treads to chase him
Hard to counter - I only recommend War Treads to chase her
Hard to counter - I only recommend War Treads to chase him

Showcase Top

I will post here some score results of playing Lance

Build: Fountain of Renewal, Clockwork, Aftershock, Journey Boots, Aegis, Stormguard Banner
(it was 2vs3 almost entire battle)

Build: Contraption, Clockwork, Aftershock, Fountain of Renewal, Crucible, Journey Boots

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