Taka Hunter and Guerrilla fighter by MonocleRaven

Taka Hunter and Guerrilla fighter

By: MonocleRaven
Last Updated: May 31, 2016
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Lance Lance can stun and bully you on lane when one on one
Krul 1 v 1 master
Catherine The stun can stop you and expose you.

Early Game: Building up the gears. Top

In the start of the game if your the only saw in the match try to play aggressive and kill the enemy laner with the first 5-10 minutes to rake up the gold you need. Along the way place mines near the lane.

General rule to follow if a tanker arrive towards the lane you see on your mini map or scout mine. Head back to the turrent. The enemy Taka is near your area this key try to be hyper alert and stay alive.

Have at least two flares to check the bush Taka players hate to be found out. Try to bullying him with suppression and rapid fire.


Guerrilla fighter
Run away to nearest bush when you have fountain renewal stay put to regen you health will take a few seconds but it's worth to get back into the fight. Especially you have a Lance player that is a good support and stay in the fight to survive come back like a boss.

Taka Hunter
By mid game you should have Breaking Point, Fountain renewal, tier boot 2, and atlas pauldon.
Try to max out roadie runner first this key Taka can run be saw can out run him in distance to escape with the tier boot 2 and roadie runner.

Always assume Taka will try to attack you 1st have atlas ready and land a flare on top of you usually Taka players will try to sucker punch laner with a fake running away and come back and finish the job.

With contraption use it towards you advantage.

Final thoughts Top

You must realize this in order to become a Taka Hunter you must know your enemy weakness and strength. Play as Taka in casual match and understand a Taka player mindset. (Knowing is half the battle)

There three type of Taka player I have face in my time in VG.

Lone wolf Taka: that 1 v 1 laner and alone player usually avoid fighting tacky player.

Ambush Taka: either waits to initiate a fight or attacks after a imitator player starts the fight which is generally they dO attack second time.

Sucker Push Taka: this Taka hunts the weakest and late build player best advice warning your weakest team to avoid areas or use caution.

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