The Big Bad Wolf (Roam Fortress Build) by wyldwulf1211

The Big Bad Wolf (Roam Fortress Build)

By: wyldwulf1211
Last Updated: Jul 23, 2016
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In the Beginning Top

At the start, Fortress's A, Truth of the Tooth, can be the first ability you put a point into. It can help your jungler get to the jungle monsters quicker and can generally help your jungle clear to be a bit faster. I also max it because it can assist you in making the best of your future Aftershock purchase.

Also, in the start, you may lose a large amount of health from tanking, but you should buy an Oakheart as your first item.

You're a support hero as Fortress, so you're going to be behind. But that's fine, because since you get Aftershock instead of another defensive item some of this build depends on your team knowing what to do.

One last thing, I've discovered Fortress works very well with , , and

After the First Jungle Clear Top

If you stay near your jungler you should have yourpassive which can help you when invading the edges of your enemy's jungle.

I find that a very good way to poke your opponents is if you use your A to jump towards an enemy and then use your passive move speed to retreat back to your jungler if you run into the enemy jungling pair while invading. Of course, you can be followed but you're Fortress and Fortress doesn't care.

The Mid Game Top

The mid game is where Fortress becomes the beast he is. Once you get tanky enough with items like Crucible and Fountain of Renewal, you can run in beside your jungler so the enemy hits you, and someone like SAW can dish out damage in the back. And in the end, you're still alive. Because you're Fortress.

I end up using Fortress's ult more to find out where the enemy team is than in battle. The wolves don't deal significant damage but around late game where things like theKraken raise suspicion Fortress's ult is helpful.

In The End Top

I usually do not have games that go on long enough to complete the full build. Of course, Fortress is a roam hero, meaning he doesn't get the full gold and XP flow, so it makes sense. The build can also be changed, depending on what damage the enemy team does. I find Aegis very helpful against a mixed team as it give you both Armor and Shield as well as an active shield for crowd control.

Atlas Pauldron can be replaced by Metal Jacket if you need that huge Armor boost for people like SAW who you can't get close enough to have Atlas Pauldron be efficient. I have yet to find a situational replacement for Aegis since I've covered the Defense category of the store in this build. I'm not even sure about anything from the Utility category.

I'm not the greatest Fortress player, probably, but I find this build to be helpful and I follow it every time I play Fortress (which is a lot).

Good luck on the Fold and happy hunting!

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