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Fortress- Attack With The Pack

By: LilWolfPup
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Build: Fortress (Roam/Captain)

Ability Path

Heroic Perk
Truth of the Tooth
Law of the Claw
Attack of the Pack

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Taka Not too hard. Just make sure you're near your teammates.
Baron Get Crucible and you'll be fine. He pokes a lot.
Fortress Depends on what he builds. If he goes CP or WP, bring a buddy. If you guys built the same thing, bring all the buddies.
Skaarf Goop is annoying. Ambush a lot if they aren't near their turret.
Flicker You definitely need Contraption and War Treads.
Catherine She is very, very annoying. The only reason why she's annoying is because of her A and ult. You must be very careful of when to use your A so you don't waste an ability from her stun.
Alpha If you're tanky she won't be a problem.
Skye Sigh. Another ranged hero. This is for your teammates to take of, especially with her A in the way. Her B is actually quite similar to your A as well.
Idris His heroic perk makes it hard to counter him. If WP, only use your A with all teammates. If CP, use A immediately while with one teammate.
Ardan He's all defense and no offense. Take the hits and let your teammates attack.
Glaive His A is very annoying. If you don't have boots and are running, just try to fight. You can't outrun him because he can use his A and knock you away from safety.
Petal She'll probably be in the back line, so target her first in a teamfight. Use your A to do so.
Krul Protect your teammates! Don't go to the enemy jungle alone.
Ringo Depends on his build. He'll likely shoot down your entire team.
Phinn Very tanky. Always be near teammates that can take him down or get rekt. You choose.
Joule Tanky. Just run if you're alone.
Kestrel CP Kestrel is very dangerous. Her stun glimmershot will not allow you to help your teammates as much. Don't let her get away. Try to gank her often.
Rona Stupid berserker.
  No Threat

Table of Contents Top

Introduction Top

Fortress- Attack With The Pack

"This guide will have you howling like a wolf!" ~Dash 02/28/17
Hey there! Are you trying to find a good guide for Fortress? Well you're in luck! This is an extremely detailed guide on Fortress. If you have any questions, comment and I'll add it to the guide! First, a little background.
When playing Fortress, you should always stick with a buddy. Start off in the jungle. Don't go to lane too much, and try to avoid enemy heroes as you are too squishy. Start off with buying Crucible and Fountain of Renewal. If you obtain these items during early game, you'll likely get the upper hand in defense. Remember that this wolf is best as a Roamer, so you should build team items.
You'll have to change your build depending on the other team though. I put the Contraption in the Main Build because it is likely you will run into a Kestrel or Taka, but it's useful to avoid getting ambushed.
Remember that you are Roam. Don't let the title Captain get to you. Being Captain does not mean that you are the best. Fortress is not very good on his own. If your jungle buddy goes to lane, FOLLOW HIM.

Hero Spotlight

Below is Fortress's hero spotlight. This should give you an idea of what he is like.


-Has many perks when near allies
-Allies have many perks when near Fortress
-His A lets him get up close to a ranged enemy with ease
-Squishy in early game, tanky during late! Great way to surprise your enemies
-Fortress can build all the defense while his teamates are able to focus on offense
-His bleed stacks really add up
-His wolves are just plain old annoying
-Squishy during early game
-Cannot deal a ton of damage
-Isn't the best substitute carry

Entering The Enemy Jungle

There are many things to consider before entering the enemy jungle. Below, I made a list. Follow the lines according to color. For example, if I type dsfjoiejfowiejf and you answer yes, go to another pink line. If you answer no, keep going down the list (skip the colors you have already encountered).

Am I alone?
Is there only 1 enemy in lane?
All are enemies in lane? (If yes, proceed to next red)
Do I really need the gold?
Make sure your laner is ready to go into the jungle and fight. The other 2 enemies are likely to be in the jungle!
Then go. Be careful of the crystal sentry though.
Then just take the two jungle monsters by the jungle shop. Unless you are certain you can beat the enemy heroes.

Maximizing Your Chances of Victory Top

Roam/Captain Explanation

To play roam, you need to know what it is first. If you say you'll be captain, then your team is expecting you to do what a captain should do. The game will go downhill quickly if you're playing carry on accident.
I'll be calling it roam for this chapter, but it is known as captain in the game. So first, think about some heroes that the game automatically calls roam. They all have high team utility. Most of them also have high defense.
Now that you have noticed that, you should have an idea of what a roamer should be. Ardan, Adiago, etc. They help out their team. But that's not all. You have to be one of, if not, the tankiest in your team. You must absorb all the damage (Adiago is a different story).
You are also the backbone of your team. You have to make sure every thing runs smoothly. You need to steer team fights into your team's favor.
You will need to protect everyone on your team as well. You'll mainly need to make sure your carry doesn't die. This is because the carry is usually a lot more squishy than your jungler.
Oh, and remember to tell your teammates (if you're in a party) to always respond to your pings. You must guide everyone to victory!
Yep. Those are all your responsibilities. Hard huh? This is why most people won't play roam. Ready to take on a challenge Keep reading. If not, turn back now.

Getting The Proper Build

This is a hard decision for all heroes. However, it is much harder for the Captain because they must buy items that helps the entire team while also buying items to help themselves.
Pretty self explanatory, but I'll tell you why anyways. Getting the fountain should be your first item. It is VERY IMPORTANT. During a team fight, it is crucial. Imagine your team and the other team have about the same amount of health left, and it's a fight to the death that may never end. That fountain will be the turning point of the fight. You might even use it to prepare for a team fight. It's passive is helpful as well.
Crucible is important as well. It is mostly to block an ultimate, but anything goes. This should be your second item (you will need the fountain's passive in early game). You should really only use this in team fights. One example is when Skaarf is using his ult. No one wants to deal with that. However, you can also use it when fleeing. Pretend your team is trying to escape but Lance brings down his sword, about to root your ally. Leave no man behind! Use your Crucible and save him.
Use to either flee or to run towards an empty nexus. You won't really need it if you have a Flicker on your team, although you shouldn't have two roamers. If so, you may want a Halcyon Chargers instead.
Aftershock is likely going to be your only offensive item. The reason why this is helpful is because of your A and B, but mainly your A. You'll leap with your A, and probably land a direct hit afterwards (that's where the aftershock helps). It would also be activated after using your B. Of course it can be activated by your ult, but it's the A that really stands out.
It really depends on the opposite team. If there's a Krul, then OMG you must get this. See a Krul attacking a teammate? If your teammate still has decent health, then use your A on Krul and slam your finger down on that Atlas Pauldron. You guys should now be able to take him on.
Having a contraption is optional, but I suggest you get it. There are three reasons why. First of all, this is a must have if there is a Taka, Flicker, or Kestrel on the enemy team. Second, the flares are useful to avoid being ambushed. Throw them into the bush when leading your team. Last but not least, SO MANY SCOUT TRAPS. A lot of people complain that their Captain never have any vision on them, so make them happy.


So what are infusions? Infusions are basically power-ups that last for five minutes. There are two types of infusions, crystal and weapon. Before we begin, remember that you don't really need to get an infusion until late game or so. No need to waste money!
You might be thinking, "Which one should I get?" Well I recommend getting a Crystal Infusion because Fortress would probably a CP Jungler if he wasn't roam. It's also very good for stealing Kraken because your A needs to deal a lot of damage to make sure you get the "last hit".


Abilities are very troubling. Do you take the ultimate? Is the A overdrive better than the B? Well this is why I wrote this section.
Packmates (Heroic Perk)
Packmates is a pretty neat Heroic Perk. This ability also helps prove that Fortress is even better when with a buddy. Pack Mates is pretty simple. If you're near a teammate for at least one second, you get a speed boost (about as fast as Sprint Boots). Lets say you and your teammates are fleeing. They use boots (yours are on cooldown). Now, you don't want them to ditch you right? Well that's where the Heroic Perk comes in.
Truth of The Tooth (A)
Ok so, what is Fortress's A? Truth of The Tooth is very useful because Fortress is melee. This ability allows him to get up close to his enemy with ease. Of course, you can also use it to chase fleeing enemies. I recommend getting the overdrive for this over the ultimate. I do not recommend upgrading it a lot until late game, as you should be playing safe during the beginning.
Some people actually want to overdrive his ult. I can understand why, and it's really up to you. Yes, his ult gives him massive fortified health. Now, I don't really like to overdrive the ult because of that. You're supposed to help your team. The wolves themselves don't actually deal that much damage and disappear in 15 seconds, which is why I use it primarily for vision. Plus, Fortress got a massive boost for his A in 2.2. However, if you are with a more squishy jungler, you may want to get his ult because you may need to absorb more damage and his ult gives you more health.
This is very good for chasing enemies. If you got Shiversteel, then your A will definitely come in handy because it'll slow the hero down long enough for your teammates to catch up. More info in "Other Stuff".
Law of The Claw (B)
Seriously, who came up with these names? #10/10. Anyways, Law of The Claw is, in my opinion, Fortress's best ability. His B claws his target. The target then receives bleed stacks, which consistently deal crystal damage. Every time you or an ally attacks them, they gain a stack. Upon reaching six stacks, they'll deal a burst of damage. To make this ability even better, they'll also receive a mortal wound when reaching six stacks of bleed. You should get the overdrive as soon as you can. The bleed stacks really add up.
Attack of The Pack (C/Ult)
Attack of The Pack is useful for three things. First off, it's amazing for vision. Counters Taka, Kestrel, and Flicker quite nicely. In addition, it distracts enemy heroes while in a team fight. Chances are they will either accidently tap on a wolf instead of you, or the wolf ends up killing them. And of course, the final reason is that you can still kill a hero who is fleeing past their turret. A wolf is likely to kill them as long as they don't have too much health. Besides, it applies a bleeding stack so they'll probably die anyways. What's great about this ability is that even if you die, the wolves don't! So you can still kill enemies while you're dead.

Proper Play Throughout The Game Top

Early Game (Start-5min)

Early game is pretty safe. Not too many heroes are killed during this time. However, wandering into the enemy jungle is like signing your own death warrant. So is going straight for the treant (the one that is in the place of the jungle shop). If you do want it, wait in the bushes and steal it from the enemy. As Fortress, you are not too effective when the game just starts. Maybe if you are with a Krul, but I do not suggest making a beeline for the enemy jungle.
When you jungle, go for the two monsters next to the jungle shop first. Then farm the monsters while making your way back to your base (don't actually go to your base, I'm simply just telling you to farm in that rotation route). I do not suggest you go to lane a lot, but you should if your carry is in danger.

Item Usage (Suggested Items)

The Ironguard Contract benefits both you and your ally jungler. Make sure they always get the last hit on each monster. This way, you guys will almost always be at full health. If you're wondering, "But if I'm safe in my jungle, why do I need to always be at full health?" Well just because you don't invade the enemy jungle doesn't mean they won't. Always be ready for an invasion!
Really, this is just for fleeing from any enemy invaders. Yes, I know my reasoning for all these items are the same. Always be prepared for an enemy invasion. But it's true! Besides, there's not much you can do during the start anyways.
I mesn, you don't HAVE to get the Halcyon Potion if you don't feel like it. However, if you bought the items I told you to buy, then you should only have 25 gold left. Therefore, you can only buy either a Halcyon Potion or a Flare. The potion is used when jungling. Yes, you did get the Ironguard Contract. However, you should get a Halcyon Potion for when you're at low health (from taking all the hits) because an enemy can still attack!

Alternate Items

Like I said, you can just get a Flare if you want. You should use this if you do decide to go for the elder treant. Just throw a flare into the bushes before you attack. Simple.
This is just for if you want more defense, just to be extra safe. In addition, you can buy another Flare or Halcyon Potion!

Mid Game (6min-14min)

Mid Game is where all the action is at. The first turret will be destroyed and there will be at least one team fight. By now, you should have your Core Items and a Contraption. It should be alright for you to go to lane now, and for you to jungle a bit by yourself because of the Crystal Miner. Now is also the time to start spamming scout traps everywhere. Well, not spam but this picture should help.Dash claims that this is, "a layout on how to ideally stalk the map like a proper wolf." I didn't think of it that way, but okay.
The thread can be found here, go check it out!
Okay, so, back to business. Mid Game is where you get your items. You must prepare your team for Late Game, so buy a lot of team-wide items. This is also the time to start changing your build up a bit. Fortress should not be as squishy as he was in Early Game, but it is likely the enemy isn't too squishy as well. This is why you need your Core Items, so your team can get an upper hand in defense.
By the middle of Mid Game, you should have a scout trap near Gold Mine.

Late Game (Start of Kraken Spawn)

Ok so by now, you should have all your items as well as all of your scout traps placed. Remember, the captain (in this case, you) should be the one taking care of vision. After all, this is the time where your allies really need to focus on offense, so you need to focus on their defense. You are Fortress, useless without your pack. Do NOT let them die.
If you haven't placed a scout trap by the Kraken yet, DO IT NOW. Late Game all comes down to vision. You can steal Kraken if you have vision. You'll get ambushed if you don't have vision. Late Game is also when your ult becomes most useful because you know, vision.
So what should you do in Late Game? This is when you should start pushing lane. If you already got through the first few turrets with ease during Mid Game, then just go for it. If it's the other way around, you'll definitely need vision by Kraken. It can be the turning point of the whole game.
And what about that ninja win? You know, where your enemy's vain crystal is wide open but your teammates are dead. Yeah, that. Don't go for it. Don't even try. You built so much defense, so you won't be able to take down the crystal quick enough. Worse, you'll get killed and the enemy team will pick up an ace.

The Teams Top

Countering The Enemy

This is your problem. But since I'm so nice, I'll give you a paw. Now, if you looked at the threat meter above, you'll know which heroes to avoid. However, you may be thinking What about the heroes you didn't mention? Well that just means they aren't dangerous enough to make it on the list.


She's a tough one. She does so much damage it's unbelievable. You may have to ditch the Contraption and build some armor instead. Make sure your allies have some armor as well. Take her down ASAP and gank her often.


Oh come on, he's not even that hard to counter. Getting a Contraption will kill him. Just place scout traps everywhere you go (Just place one like, every five seconds. You have an infinite amount!).


Krul is the best at 1v1 so never, and I mean NEVER venture into the enemy jungle alone. Krul after all, does jungle. You can probably take him down easily with two people though (just make sure he doesn't go for the squishy one).


The only reason why I put Fortress on this list is because if there's a roam Fortress on the enemy team, the game isn't going anywhere. You guys are the backbones of your teams. Attack him first because without him, his team will die quickly.
Now look. It's not likely you'll run into one. He's last on the Broken Myth Hero Tier List for roam. So you don't have to worry about going against him. Information on that can be found here.


Skaarf, the adorable ranged dragon mage. He is not too hard, but do not underestimate him. Activate Crucible when he uses his ult. His Goop and Spitfire combination can be deadly if he uses it right. Always be careful when going up to him, because his Spitfire will hit you automatically.

The Best Allies

Now of course, your Fortress. And like I've stated many times before, you need a good team to be good. So get in a party with people who have the following mains. Listed from first=Best to last=Good but not Best.


Glaive is very useful due to his massive attack damage. However, he will get shredded if the enemy gets the chance. Together, you make a great combo!
Like Glaive, her damage is amazing. Just make sure she is safe in the backline and keep her safe from any Glaives. She is super squishy! Try to have her place seeds before a fight, so her munions can just keep respawning while she dishes out damage.
Krul is a good saver. Great for early game because together you guys can invade the enemy jungle without any difficulty. He is very tanky so you can focus more on protecting the carry.
You guys can flee from enemy heroes together! If you have a carry Kestrel as well, then that's great because boots may not be necessary! He's also a good hero for initiating jungle team fights.
Phinn is very tanky and will keep you safe early game. However, he is very slow and will not be able to keep up with you easily. Your Heroic Perk will constantly force you to ditch him. In addition, I do not advise getting two roamers.


Can shoot down enemies quickly. Should be fine as long as the enemies can't get to him.
Saw is an amazing laner. However, he does give up speed for strength so you may need to help him flee by defending him.
Skaarf is one of the best laners in the game. He is one of the best in team fights because he can deal lots of damage while staying in the backline.
Gwen can be used to counter heroes such as Taka, Kestrel, and especially Flicker. She is useful for letting you know whether or not an enemy hero is in a bush.

Wrap Up Top


So here's a quick summary of what you need to know.
  • Always stick with a buddy
  • Make sure you get Fountain of Renewal, Crucible, and Contraption before mid-game.
  • Don't go into the enemy jungle alone
  • Most of Fortress's abilities are most useful for aiding your teammates
  • Don't get the overdrive for his ult
  • Don't go into lane too much during early game
  • Place lots of scout traps
  • Beware of Rona, she can cut wolf hide in a snap!
  • Glaive and Petal are pretty good jungle buddies
  • Ringo and Saw are pretty good lane buddies

Other Stuff

Hi there. You're reading this because you want to know more about Fortress. Or you're one of those people who criticize everything. Either way, enjoy.
  • Honestly, this is very random but who cares? There's something really fun I like to do when I'm in the jungle with a buddy. So you guys know the two jungle monsters right next to the jungle shop? Yeah those. They're standing right in front of a wall right? Well what I do is I go behind the wall and use my A on them! It looks really cool, you should try it. You can also just put a scout trap on them so you can do it solo (think it's called wall jumping).
  • You know that you can steal gold mines or Kraken even when you're pretty far away? Well if you bought the Contraption like I told you to, then just drop a flare on the gold miner or Kraken. Then, use your A (it has a very long range) and you'll leap on over and get the last hit! Pretty cool huh? Post a vid of it in the Discussion area!
  • Be nice to the carry. Don't try to be the laner, for you are the captain. I always hear laners complaining that the lane comes in and kills all the minions, thinking they are helping. No. Just no. Let the carry control the minion wave. If your carry died or something, then take it's place but don't push.
  • Pretend the enemy Ringo has built a lot of attack speed. He uses his A on your teammates and shoot them down before they can get close enough to deal damage. So here's what you do. First, get an Atlas Pauldron. Then, use your A on Ringo and use your Atlas Pauldron while airborne. This should allow enough time for your teammates to get in and destroy him.
  • So you're chasing an enemy. However, your entire team's boots are on cooldown. If your team can just reach that enemy, you guys will pick up an ace! Now, you may want to get Shiversteel if you run into lots of problems like this one. Lemme explain what to do. First, your Heroic Perk will allow you to get pretty close to the enemy. Once close enough, use your A (the overdrive has mad range) and Shiversteel on them. Shiversteel basically slows down enemies if you (basic) attack them. Your A actually auto-counts as a basic attack, so you'll slow them down! Hopefully, you'll slow them down long enough for your teammates to catch up.
  • You're like a roam/jungle mix. Mostly roam though. You're not carry. Remember that. Don't lane. The carry will be pretty mad at you for pushing the minion wave without their permission. It can ruin the entire game if you're not careful!
  • Imagine Skaarf, advancing on your teammates. Your teammates are at low health but so is Skaarf. You guys don't want to risk going for him because you know that one hit from a Spitfire will kill you. You can dodge it when you see it coming, but when he's close, Spitfire comes out of nowhere and will likely hit you the second he uses it. So Skaarf uses his ult to end your entire team and pick up an ace. So while he's sucking in the air, use your A on him and jump behind him to attack. This allows you to both dodge his ult and to deal damage because of your Aftershock! Try to kill him, but also remember to activate Crucible for your teammates!
  • Fortress's win rate is usually about 50%, but his pick rate is usually only around 20%. Information on that can be found here.
  • The crystal sentry can actually act well as an "ally". If all you turrets are down and you are in the jungle, it's you best chance (unless the entire team is chasing you). You will however, need some experience with Fortress to actually kill someone though. There was once a time where both of my teammates were dead and the entire enemy team was chasing me. With help from the minion miner (before 2.0), I killed 2 of them and the third one ran off hur hur hur ;).

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Radiance's Tips

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