Too Ringo For You! by Zyronl

Too Ringo For You!

By: Zyronl
Last Updated: Sep 5, 2014
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Note: This guide was originally created by player Zyronl in the official Vainglory forums. The author displays as VG COMMUNITY as part of a bulk migration of guides to VaingloryFire. Enjoy!


Hello! Ringo is a ' kamikaze ' champion who is squishy but deals a lot D.P.S. However, Ringo is not easy to play. You need some skills and tactics ( important! ) to win the game and master Ringo. Many people says ( including the developers ) Ringo is squishy and weak at start and gets stronger in late game. Buuuut, I build my Ringo more health and still also quite strong in the early game.


I always build my Ringo damage and not crystal power. Which you should be doing too unless you show me the awesomeness of crystal power.

Start with:
Sprint Boots ( If you need faster speed and outrun your enemy )
Oakheart ( If your enemy is high D.P.S. like maybe Saw. Then you need more health to take him on a manly fight )
Halcyon Potion x2 ( When your chased down, use it to regen some health and it might even turn the tide! )

Tension Bow first ( Get Piercing Spear first if your enemy is building armor, if not get Six Sins. )
Serpent Mask first ( Get Barbed Needle first if you need more life steal, if not get Heavy Steel. )
Tension Bow's passive is actually darn strong! Combined with Ringo's Passive and The Tension Bow's Passive, you can deal AT LEAST 200+ damage at level 6! ( If not you suck at Ringo )
However if your enemy is squishy and not a lot D.P.S, then you can get Serpent Mask first so you can get life steal while hitting him. When combined with Twirling Silver, you can last longer in combat due to the constant hitting and life stealing.

Either get
Sorrowblade first ( For more D.P.S. )
Tyrant Monocle first ( For more chance to strike critically and get even more damage on critical hits. )
This is pretty much self explainable. Though if you choose to get Tyrant Monocle, get lucky strike first. It's useful.

You should get it A.S.A.P. if your enemy is giving you a hard time because of you being too squishy. If it didn't work, get Dragonheart next.



Now, this is VERY IMPORTANT. Without tactics, your as good as done. I always go lane instead of jungle. If you are with another laner, that's bad. If your not, good for you. Because you share the EXP with your laner and also makes it harder to last hit your minions. Last hitting is also very important, but that's for later. Now it's for laning phrase, scroll down for jungling!


VERY IMPORTANT. Poking down your enemies ensures a kill almost too easy. Just walk around your lane normally but edge close to the enemy. He will be just hitting the minions and when you walked in range, hit him once then walk back. DO NOT try and hit him when he's on the alert. Only hit him when he isn't expecting it.

Walk towards the turret. If the enemy is standing in front of the turret, like ' leaning ' on it, then you can hit him once and then walk away. ONLY TRY IF HE / SHE IS STANDING IN FRONT OF THE TURRET. IF HES BESIDE THE TURRET AND NOT IN FRONT, THEN YOU MOST PROBADLY WILL GET HIT BY TURRET.


Well, about 5,000 times I said ' VERY IMPORTANT '. But yes, this is very important. Gold is very much needed as you gotta buy items ( duh! ). Anyways, lasthitting.
- Tap around the area, try not to go near the bushes as there might be Garen waiting to silence you. ( Don't understand? just try not to go near. )
- For the smaller minions, just tap around and look at the minions health. When it is about 1/5 or 1/6, hit him and you probably will last hit him, getting the gold. If the minion is full or nearly full health, DO NOT SHOOT HIM. Wait till he receives one turret hit, then hit him.
- For the larger minions, when it is about 1/6 or 2/7 health, hit him. When under turret attacks, wait till he gets hit TWICE. Then he will be EXTREMELY low and you can just hit him.
- It can work better if you have your passive on. If you keep lasthitting minions, your passive will be up literally FOREVER.


Ever get annoyed by people who always get away by running? Now they won't! Simply just tap the ground while they are running then after about like a second tap him again, you should be able to shoot him. If he didn't die, just repeat the process! Or you can just use your Achilles Shot and act like a n00b. Joking!

FIGHTING: Don't try to run if you know your dead. But when your enemy is owning you, try running. If you have the Scout Trap then set it down and then bait the person to follow you. Once he hits the bomb and if he is low, turn around and use Twirling Silver. He's probadly dead.


If you don't want to run and want to TRY and kill him, go ahead. BE WARNED, only MELEE champions chasing you will this work. As usual, use Achilles shot then Twirling Silver. Then, hit your enemy once in range. Hit once, run. Wait till you think your far enough, hit again. And just repeat the process! MELEE champions won't be able to reach you if your good at it. But some champions like. Koskha have high movement speed, so be careful! This technique works very well with Tension Bow.


First use
1. Achilles Shot ( If your enemy is running cause you too pro :3 )
2. Twirling Silver ( CUT DEM DOOOOOOOWWWWN )
3. If you just can't chase him down, use your Hellfire Brew. But don't even try to kill him when he's half health. He must have at maximum about 500 health.


Running like a puss in boots? Well, just turn around and use Achilles Shot and then use Twirling Silver. Use your boot-y if you got to. Combined with your Twirling Sliver, you move pretty darn fast.


If there there is another laner with you, you might want to consider jungling, Though if there is an other jungler, be sure to stay way away from him. If not you might share EXP with him and level up slower.


That is pretty much it! If I missed out on anything or if you got questions post on the comment, i will check don't worry lol. If I DID missed out anything I'll post it below or edit this Guide

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